What’s The Ultimate Workplace Showdown?

You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.  That’s right.  The battle lines have been drawn in the office.    It’s time for you to make a stand a pick a side.   Do you really have to pick a side?

Yes you do..

The battle is fierce and the struggle is real.   Tea or coffee?  Instant or real?

Once upon a time, almost every office proudly offered International Roast or a Liptons to staff and visitors.

But we’ve changed.   Coffee drinkers don’t want ‘instant’ any more.  We want freshly brewed latte, cappuccino, macchiato preferably served up by a hipster barista dude, with a cool look, at the latest cool café…

Coffee, served up by a hipster barista dude, at the latest cool café...

Coffee, served up by a hipster barista dude, at the latest cool café…

Oh, and one other thing.   We don’t want ‘garden variety’ milk with our drinks either.  Give us low fat, skim milk, soy milk, almond milk – what’s your preference?

And tea drinkers have moved on too… Chai latte anyone?

Instant vs Fresh Coffee

These days, if you offered someone at work an International Roast Caters Blend, you’d get one of two responses:

  1.  There would be a workplace revolt, with staff reducing the Purchasing Manager down to 43 beans…
  2.  A stampede to the local café to get a cup of ‘real’ coffee or a chai…


For any ‘instant-drinking International Roast-loving’ readers, don’t feel completely left out.  In fact, it might just be time for you to pump your fist and say “yes!!”     International Roast has a very loyal (albeit quiet) following.  While I was doing the research for this article, I found they have their very own Facebook page.  Entitled:   “We Love International Roast Coffee And Aren’t Ashamed To Admit It”..  (they’ve hit 100 ‘friends’) and counting.  (I’ve included a link just in case, you’re wanting to join)… 


There is no doubt that instant coffee is, well, instant – quick to make, and it doesn’t require a visit to the local café, or take time out of our already hectic and busy work schedules…    Dunking a tea bag in hot water in the office kitchen is also quick… no muss, no fuss..

How clever of the pioneers of coffee pods, Nespresso to make awesome coffee machines that you can use at work…?    Now, getting a really good cup of coffee while you’re in the office, just became even easier than riding the elevator down to the café on the street.

Nespresso Coffee Pods, Cleancorp

Nespresso Coffee Pods

 And chances are, your boss is saving a fortune in lost productivity – definitely a win: win for both sides…

Take THAT chai latte drinkers… no stovetop in the office.  No fresh chai for you…

Are there Any Down Sides?

If your boss hasn’t sprung for a professional coffee machine at the office, yet, then the answer is yes.

The downside for you is the cost of buying your coffee each day…

Consider this – if you have 1 coffee a day x 5 days x 48 weeks of the year = $ 720.00 per year.  Drink more than 1 coffee a day?  Make that $1440.00 per year, …. and if you like a Friand with that, then you’re up around the $2000 per year mark…

And here’s another one.  I recently decided to ‘detox’ from my delicious 3+ coffees per day… big mistake.  Blinding headaches for about 4 days (I know, serves me right for drinking so much coffee, but hey, it can be stressful running a big contract cleaning company, and cleaning coffee machines)….

Anyway, I don’t recommend the whole coffee-detox thing.  It was a disaster for my productivity, and to be honest, I can’t say I felt, looked or acted any different. Actually, that’s not quite true.  My face was kind of contorted in pain with the ‘panadol-resistant’ headache that I had for 4 days… and apparently, I was quite difficult to live with…

Not exactly the benefit I had been hoping for…  coffee anyone?  Make mine a double shot skinny cap…


Here at Cleancorp, we take the hard work out of hiring an office cleaning service because we use the “POV” principal – we look at things from your Point Of View, the Office Manager.  Every day our Team Members work hard to ensure you don’t have any cleaning hassles when you come in of a morning – you just come into a clean, fresh business space – guaranteed.
How do we make sure everything works?   Firstly, it’s our team of dedicated professional cleaners, and secondly, our internal processes and systems.  We’re triple ISO Certified to the International Standard in Quality: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 and; OH&S AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001…

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