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Strata cleaning to keep your premises spotless

We think it’s time that you listened to your last complaint.

No doubt about it, tenants and property owners can be a demanding bunch. If the cleanliness and tidiness of their property isn’t up to scratch, they don’t mind getting vocal about it. And as the property or strata manager, you’re the poor soul who has to listen to complaint, after complaint, after complaint when the current cleaning company can’t keep the quality up to scratch.

Cleancorp are cleaning professionals who guarantee high-quality, complaint-free cleaning results every time (more on that below). We know what it takes to deliver reliable service that will delight your tenants.

Non Leaf Blower Services

How many times have your Executive Committee, tenants, and owners (and even the neighbors), complained to you about the noise of the leaf blower?

Do you have time in your busy day to deal with that?

No, didn’t think so.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if the cleaning company you worked with used vacuums instead of leaf blowers, or, just swept or raked up the leaves?

Good news – Cleancorp offers this service.

No more noise complaints for you, and your tenants and homeowners will LOVE the fact that their building isn’t adding to the noise pollution problem in their neighborhood.

More good news – would you like an extra set of eyes & ears on your sites?

You’re a busy Building or Strata Manager. It is almost impossible for you to visit all of your sites each day to know what’s going on.

But is it?

What if we told you, we could be your eyes and ears on each one of your sites? Would that make your day a little easier?

You bet it would.

The cleaner at your sites, yes, your cleaner, will provide feedback on each site, after each site visit – and we’ll tell you.

See how easy this is?

You’ll look like a rock star when you report back on things that need to be done (before your clients have even noticed!

You’ll get the best service from your cleaner

Yes, your cleaner. As a Cleancorp client, your tenants or Owners will personally get to know their regular cleaner, and they will get to know them. They’ll learn your preferences and special requests, making sure they clean the building just how your tenants and owners like it, every time. All our cleaners are ‘career cleaners’ who are professional cleaners with us for the long term. You can depend on them for reliable and trustworthy service.

Your managed premise has never looked so good

We specialize in detailed vacuuming, scrubbing, mopping, wiping, dusting, polishing, sanitizing and more, to get the highest-quality results at your site.    Our clients demand the best results in the industry, and that’s what we deliver.

We’re triple ISO certified and hold ourselves to our strict Quality, Safety, and Environmental policies (request a copy now).

We can take care of all aspects of your managed property cleaning needs:

  • Reception area
  • Common area
  • Elevators
  • Stairs
  • Garden
  • And more

We don’t just promise your tenants and owners will be thrilled with the cleanliness of their property, we guarantee it.


Every clean is guaranteed to satisfy even the strictest inspection from your tenants. It’s called our dirt free guarantee. If you find dirt or grime after one of our cleans, we’ll come back and clean again. With Cleancorp, you’re guaranteed a great clean, everytime.

Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that I’m extremely happy with the Cleancorp service. It’s everything that was promised, and you run a fantastic, efficient and responsive service. I’ll be letting our Regional Manager know just how good you guys are.

Spotlight Store

We introduced Cleancorp to our Strata clients and the difference in client satisfaction has been enormous. We have received many instances of unprompted positive feedback from our clients such as “Looks fantastic”, ” “its great to come home to a nice, clean environment” and just “Wow”. Great for our clients, Guardian Strata and Cleancorp combined – thanks guys, great to finally deal with a professional cleaning company who ‘get it’..

Ossie Pisanu,
Guardian Strata

Most cleaning companies promise the world and never deliver. You guys, over deliver in spades – can’t believe how amazing your service is, and what a professional team you are. Really nice change to deal with a professional cleaning company. Keep up the great work.

John J. Regency Jones

Clients who know the Cleancorp difference

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