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Industrial Cleaning

Expert industrial commercial cleaning service that is tailor-made to your site

Motivate staff with a safe and clean working environment.

Keeping an industrial site running at peak efficiency is our specialty.   Whether it’s day cleaning, after-hours cleaning (or both), your busy site needs a cleaning company with a strong commitment and understanding of how to meet Quality, Safety, and Environmental standards.

Cleancorp is ISO Certified in all 3 standards.

This means that when you work with Cleancorp, our motivated and efficient cleaning team already understands how to do things the safe way.  They know how to spot risk and report it back to their Team Leader, and they know how to go the extra mile to ensure they comply with all safety and quality requirements while they’re working at your site.

Our team has the equipment and expertise to offer a range of flexible industrial commercial cleaning services that will fit in with the demands of your site.   Our expert commercial cleaners are here to provide you with a fully certified and compliant cleaning service, that’s guaranteed to deliver high-quality results, every day.

A range of specialised industrial cleaning services

Are you managing an industrial site with exacting industrial and commercial cleaning requirements?

We’ve cleaned factories, global food distribution plants, supply chain warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing sites, medical laboratories, transport hubs, and more.   We offer a range of industrial cleaning services including:

Floor maintenance, stripping, and cleaning


Grout cleaning

Hard surface scrubbing and polishing

Cleaning internal roofs, walls, and ceilings

High-pressure cleaning of buildings, concrete floors, and car parks

Kitchen tables and chairs

Sinks, tubs, and benches

Rubbish and waste removal

And more


We understand that every site and business has its own unique needs. If you’re managing a site with specific operational, compliance, or cultural requirements, you’ll appreciate the rigorous training that our cleaners go through.

Driven by their attention to detail, safety compliance, use of technology, and a strong culture of collaboration, our people take keeping your site clean, personally.


Full-time on-site cleaning available

Need an on-site cleaner full-time, but don’t want the hassle of adding another head to your books?

No problem, we can arrange for a Cleancorp cleaner to work with you full-time. This means you won’t have to worry about payroll, super, or worker’s compensation, and when your cleaner goes on holiday we will seamlessly provide a replacement.

Your Cleancorp cleaner will be an expertly trained, professional cleaner that becomes one of your team as they get to know your business intimately.


Need us to come in on Sundays? Sure thing. The only time your site can be cleaned is between 3am and 5am? No problem.No matter when your site operates, we can work around your downtime. Cleancorp operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever you need us, we will be there.

Get the Cleancorp dirt free guarantee

Our mission at Cleancorp is to be Australia’s most reliable, professional, and results-driven cleaning company. We don’t just say you’ll get superior service – we guarantee it. It’s all part of our dirt-free guarantee.

If you find dirt, dust, or grime, we’ll come back and clean it again. With Cleancorp, your site is guaranteed to be clean – really cleaned, after every service visit.

Transparent and visible service delivery

Want to know if your site is receiving the cleaning service you are paying for?

At Cleancorp, we employ a digital service delivery tracking system. As a client, you’ll have our tracking system installed at your site. Cleaners will use it to scan in and out of each task, offering you peace of mind that every task is completed and done correctly.

It’s also a digital ‘communication book’ that will let you flag issues and requests with photographic evidence with your smartphone app. Because all communication goes straight to Cleancorp management, you can be sure your requests will be taken care of straight away. The days of the shabby old communication book are over!

The system also has a host of reporting tools built-in, so you’ll always have service delivery data to hand (such as sign-in and out times, compliance information, and more).


Professional industrial cleaning services provide a safe, clean, and hygienic environment for industrial premises like factories, warehouses, power plants, and other types of industrial facilities. Often involving the cleaning and maintenance of hazardous areas, industrial cleaning may include services like mopping, sweeping, dusting, polishing, and wiping. While the specific tasks of an industrial cleaner will vary, it’s often dependent on what type of facility requires cleaning. For example, specific buildings like hospitals will need to be cleaned to an extremely high standard and therefore call for additional duties and practices. The Cleancorp team is all 3 x ISO qualified, so you can trust that no matter the industry, we will be able to provide a high quality, thorough clean every time.

For commercial cleaning, a business will typically hire a contract cleaning company to clean their facilities in order to maintain and restore the building’s aesthetic appeal as well as for hygienic purposes. Depending on the client’s wishes, commercial cleaning services can typically be divided into two types – regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Both types will involve trained cleaners visiting on-site and using professional equipment, products, and technology. However, a deep clean is more thorough and cleaners will go an extra step further, targeting hard-to-reach areas that are not cleaned on a regular basis like light fixtures and behind furniture.

It can be difficult to determine the exact amount professional industrial cleaning services will cost. However, factors like frequency of visits, number of staff, the site’s size, and what tasks are required will influence the total price. At Cleancorp, we make it easy as we happily offer free quotes through our site.

While both forms of cleaning apply to non-residential buildings, an industrial business manufactures goods whereas a commercial business operates specifically to make a profit. Industrial cleaning services cater to facilities dedicated to a particular industry, for example, a warehouse for agricultural, mining, or manufacturing purposes. This differs from the cleaning of a commercial building like a retail store and so different tasks will be required. For example, industrial buildings may require more rigorous cleaning like stripping the floor or using a high-pressure hose. At Cleancorp, offer both commercial and industrial cleaning services and have experience in cleaning factories, warehouses, plants, and medical laboratories.

Domestic cleaning differs from both commercial and industrial cleaning as is performed at residential properties like houses and apartments. Typically the scale of domestic cleaning will be smaller, requiring fewer cleaners and taking less time to complete. Commercial cleaning often requires the use of powerful, industry-grade equipment whereas domestic cleaning may only call for general household cleaners and tools like a standard vacuum, mop, brushes, etc. We offer our expertise and cleaning services to both varieties of property with a strong commitment and understanding of how to meet recognized quality, safety, and environmental standards. With 24/7 availability, get in touch with the experts today.

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