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Hospitality Cleaning

Hospitality Cleaning

There are 3 vital elements for cleaning success in your pub or club:




With years of cleaning experience, we understand what it takes to deliver a clean and hygienic venue, and our commitment to cleanliness extends well beyond just the bathrooms or the bar areas.

We believe that the hygiene and cleanliness of your pub or club should be obvious throughout your patron’s experience. This is why it is so important that from their arrival to their departure, they experience fresh clean areas everywhere they go.

So you can enjoy having happy patrons who keep coming back again and again.

Our team understands the importance of their very special work at your venue and projects their sense of pride in everything they do.   Using their initiative, an exceptional eye for detail, and having a pre-planned, systematic approach to all of their daily cleaning tasks, we ensure they are super productive and efficient.

So things don’t get missed on the cleaning specification.

In addition, they use our exclusive app to communicate.

Our technology allows cleaners, yes, your cleaners, to check in with GPS and communicate in real-time.

So, if anything needs attention, we’re on it straight away.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you trust the cleaning company that manages your venue with pen and paper, or one that uses technology and combines that technology with an amazing team?

If you’re anything like most of our clients, you’d prefer the latter.

Our ongoing commitment to excellence and an outstanding customer experience at every visit is second to none, and our triple ISO Certification for Quality, Safety & Environmental Management is proof of our commitment to our clients, our team, and the environment.

Professional hospitality cleaning services of the highest standard

Your patrons expect your venue to look and feel clean and inviting. If it doesn’t, they’ll find somewhere else to visit.

With so much competition for customers, venues rely on having high-quality cleaning and hospitality services they can depend on around the clock. Keeping staff focussed on making sure your patrons have a great experience.

At Cleancorp, we manage your cleaning services so you don’t have to.

Our dedicated team of cleaning operatives provide exceptional venue cleaning services to hospitality venues by following a detailed cleaning specification at every visit so that things don’t get missed.

Using our exclusive site management app, each of our highly trained and experienced cleaning operatives understands exactly what is required of them at every clean.

Our professional hospitality cleaning services will leave your venue spotless, maintaining a superb level of hygiene for your staff and guests alike.

What separates our cleaning and hospitality services from others

If you’re trying to decide on a hospitality cleaning service near you, Cleancorp is an excellent choice, renowned for its three core factors — cleaners, consistency, and communication.

  • Cleaners — Our team goes the extra mile beyond the bare necessities.  Each team member goes through the “Cleancorp Training Academy” to ensure they are fully trained before they arrive at their site, and they understand the exact cleaning requirements you need because they have access to the cleaning specification via our exclusive site management app. In addition, our highly motivated cleaners have years of experience and deliver only the best results.
  • Consistency — By reaching out to Cleancorp’s cleaning and hospitality services, you can depend on our team to provide a high level of professionalism and integrity in their day-to-day operations. There’s no need to worry about any missed cleaning appointments. We fully recognize our clients rely on us to uphold the cleanliness of their businesses. Our utmost priority is to provide results that keep our clients happy — that’s why we’ve had long-term relationships with clients that last for decades.
  • Communication — We use the latest technology, so you don’t need to oversee or manage our cleaning operations. Instead, it’s a seamless hospitality cleaning service.  Our team logs in to work with our app, and we check our progress with GPS tracking and talk to our cleaners in real time with our bespoke communication platform. That way, you can focus on managing your business operations while our close-knit staff maintains your hospitality venue’s cleanliness.

Triple ISO certified professional hospitality cleaning services

At Cleancorp, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and exceptional customer experience, as reflected in our credentials. We hold triple ISO Certifications for Quality, Safety & Environmental Management — evidence of our ongoing commitment to our clients, our team, and the environment. By choosing Cleancorp, you can trust that every visit will result in a sparkling clean you simply won’t get with any other service.

Cleancorp — the hospitality cleaning services you can count on

Looking for a hospitality cleaning service in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, or New Zealand? Look no further. Our reputable team of professional cleaners, combined with our high-tech service, makes for a smooth cleaning experience for all involved. As Australia’s fastest-growing professional hospitality cleaning service, Cleancorp has been renowned for its remarkable quality of cleaning for over two decades. Learn what the media has to say about us and our impact on the industry — deciding on your hospitality cleaning service couldn’t be easier.

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Proudly ISO Certified for Quality, Safety and Environmental Management