COVID-19 specialised workplace
cleaning to ensure your safety.

Our team of professional cleaners will help you get back to a healthy work environment sooner.

Touchpoint cleaning for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Disinfecting precautionary cleaning
Pandemic cleaning (for sites with confirmed cases of COVID-19)

We believe everyone deserves to safely return to work.

As a responsible business leader, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is weighing heavily on your mind.

  • You don’t want your business to be the cause of transmitting the virus any further.
  • Your company’s reputation is at stake if things go wrong.
  • You’re anxious about all the “what if’s” and don’t have a partner in place to actively help you
    prevent the worst case scenario.

Cleancorp has everything you need to feel confident about getting back to work.
We even have 24 hour COVID Response Teams who specialise in infectious control cleaning, to give you extra peace of mind.


Avoid transmitting the virus any further by making sure your space is clean and disinfected.


Keep your business afloat during these uncertain times with COVIDSafe Cleaning.


We provide ‘outbreak’ plans that include additional cleaning between worker shifts.

Let us carry the burden for you so you
can focus on getting back to work.

If you haven’t taken appropriate steps to properly clean your site, someone could get very sick. At Cleancorp, we create refreshingly clean spaces that help business leaders feel confident they are protecting their employees and keeping everyone safe.

When it comes to COVID-19,
you don’t know what you don’t know.
That’s why we’ve got your back.

  • Our teams have all undergone the COVID-19 infection control certification by the Australian Government, and extensive training within our own Cleancorp Training Academy.
  • We only use hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant that is TGA approved.
  • We are the undisputed industry leader with 27 years experience in Australian cleaning industry.
  • We have performed thousands of COVID cleans since the pandemic began.
  • We have been quoted in the media by every major news outlet in Australia since the pandemic started.
  • Triple ISO Certified for Quality, Safety & Environmental Management.
  • Exclusive three stage cleaning process using hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant, which is TGA Approved.
  • 24 hour a day support hotline to our COVID Response Team.

We go above and beyond to make your life easier.

“Our office gets the love and attention it deserves and the app makes communication unbelievably easy. Every little thing we think of or ask for is addressed immediately”.

Hannah, ALT VFX

“A few month ago we changed to Cleancorp – WOW – they clearly know the important things that make a real difference in making our office sparkle”.

Warwick Hearne – Delta Plans

“The most convenient and committed cleaning company I have ever worked with. Thanks for making my life that much easier!”

Alice Sammons

Getting back to the workplace in our
“new normal” can feel worrisome.

At Cleancorp, we know that you want to be a responsible leader. In order to do that you need to make sure your staff returns to a clean and safe work environment.

The problem is the COVID-19 crisis is making you question if you’re working with the right cleaning company.

We believe everyone deserves to feel protected and safe in their workplace, with cleaners they can trust to take all necessary precautions. That’s why we’ve spent the last 27 years mastering our craft and been at the forefront of the COVID-19 decontamination cleaning movement.

So you can stop wondering if your workspace is safe, and instead relax, knowing you are in good hands with a professional cleaning crew that goes above and beyond to make sure you’re protected.

COVID Workplace Cleaning

Here’s how we do it


Schedule a Call

We’ll listen to your needs and design a detailed cleaning program that includes what to expect and pricing.


Get COVID Clean

We’ll mobilise our COVID Response Team to perform our signature COVID cleaning method (with 2-4 hour lead times).


Rest Easy

Once service is finished, we’ll issue you a Certificate of Completion so you can relax knowing your site is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfection?

Cleaning physically removes germs and dirt from a surface, while disinfecting is when you use chemicals to kill the germs that are present on a surface. It is important to know that you cannot disinfect a dirty surface, so we must always clean first, then disinfect.

How do we disinfect a surface?

We use a 3 step process as recommended by Safe Work Australia:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surfaces first.
  2. Apply the hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant to the surface and leave on the surface for a minimum of 10 minutes so the active ingredients in the disinfectant can kill the virus.
  3. Wipe the disinfectant off the surface.

What is a high touch point clean?

High touch points are any surfaces that are frequently touched by multiple people – for example, door handles, counters, taps, buttons, light switches, remote control devices, cupboard handles, fridge handles, microwave buttons and handles, EFTPOS machines, trolleys.

What is a precautionary disinfection clean?

In this service we clean and disinfect surfaces in buildings and vehicles where there may be a suspected case of COVID-19, and this service can be done as a stand-alone service, or as a regular disinfection service to reduce the risk of viral contamination.

We use our 3-step of process:

  1. Clean the surface first.
  2. Apply a TGA approved, hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant and leave on the surface for a minimum of 10 minutes to “dwell” or “cure”.
  3. Wipe the product off surface.

What is the difference between a high touch point clean and a precautionary disinfection clean?

A high touch point clean focuses on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are touched by multiple people each day i.e door handles, counters, taps, buttons, light switches, remote control devices, cupboard handles, fridge handles, microwave buttons and handles, EFTPOS machines, trolleys, shared company vehicles etc.

A precautionary disinfecting clean covers all of the high touch points as well as all

Office Areas: telephones, keyboards, desks, computer mouse, books, personal desk items, private company vehicles etc.

Schools: classrooms, libraries, sport facilities, desks, lockers, bathrooms, dining areas, school hall, boarding house areas, staff rooms, reception areas etc.

Childcare Centres:  Books, toys, play equipment, changing areas, lockers etc.

Food Preparation Areas:  Cool rooms, cooking equipment, dining areas, serving areas etc

Warehouse/Industrial Areas: Machinery, vehicles, fork lifts, shelving, lunch rooms, store rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, office areas, etc.

Retail Areas:  Point of sale, counters, display areas, change rooms, back of house areas, bahtrooms etc.

What is not included in a precautionary clean?

When booking this service, it is important to understand that this is a specialised disinfection service, as opposed to a regular business cleaning service.

Vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, stacking, and emptying dishwashers, picking up plates, kitchen duties and generalised bathroom cleaning are not included in this disinfection service.

However, should you wish to have a precautionary clean and a fully inclusive deep cleaning service done at the same time, please let one of our team know when booking.

What is a COVID-19 Confirmed clean?

Sometimes referred to as a pandemic or terminal clean, this service is for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, and as such, require a full disinfection of your site as well as any vehicles, forklifts and general business equipment.

Our COVID Response Team will be wearing full hazmat PPE, and, using a TGA approved hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant, sanitise your site including all touchpoints of all areas including personal workspaces, walls, and floors.

They will first clean the surfaces, and then use a combination of hand application, spraying and fogging/misting to ensure all areas, including hard to reach areas, are fully treated by the hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant.

This multi-level approach ensures the product penetrates all areas of your site.

Should you require further peace of mind, we will swab the affected area (i.e. desk, chair etc) and do an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) test, to track cleaning efforts and verify if they have been effective (extra charges for this service apply).

Please note that ATP systems do not detect viruses directly. However, COVID-19 infected material that contains biological residues will be detected by an ATP System (source: Hygiena).

How long does it take to do a COVID-19 Clean?

This depends on the size and type of your site, as well as the number of operatives in our Cleaning Response Team.  The bio-fogging component of the service is relatively fast, however for a COVID-19 clean, all surfaces must first be cleaned, and then the hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant is then applied and must ‘dwell’ or ‘cure’ on the surface to allow the active ingredients in the product to do their work and kill the virus.

What type of products do we use?

We only use hospital grade anti-viral disinfectants to clean your site as follows:

Netbiokem – TGA code: 336972

Viraclean – TGA code: 69000

Virex – TGA Code:  153031

CounterFlu – TGA Code:  332361

Keeping our distance on your site

Please note that when we arrive on-site at a confirmed COVID case, our operatives will maintain a personal distance of 10m from any of your staff members, and  we respectfully request that you not directly hand them any keys etc, but place them in a pre-agreed location so that our COVID Response Team can be in full HAZMAT PPE prior to touching the keys/access cards etc.    This is not only for social distancing purposes, but also to avoid being a close contact should someone unknowingly have COVID.

Are the COVID cleaning products TGA approved?

Yes, the products that we use for disinfection cleaning are as follows:

Netbiokem – TGA code: 336972

Viraclean – TGA code: 69000

Virex – TGA Code:  153031

CounterFlu/Vapor-Q- TGA Code:  332361

Why is a TGA approved disinfectant important?

The Department of Health advises that hospital grade disinfectants must meet government standards. Claims that a disinfectant has an effect against any virus must be expressly permitted by the TGA before being used in consumer advertising (including on the label).

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TGA has permitted SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 virus claims for products that have been entered onto the official Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). (Source: Australian Government Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration).

What is bio-fogging disinfection?

This is where we use a machine to disseminate a ‘fog’ or very fine mist which penetrates areas which often cannot be reached by conventional cleaning, including walls, floors, carpets, soft fabrics.

The process of fogging is a rapid and efficient method to treat a site which has had a COVID-19 confirmed case. Bio-fogging is always done on an empty site, and our cleaning operatives wear full hazmat while providing this service.

What are the steps that the COVID Response Team will take when they arrive on site?

  1. Follow our carefully assessed safety measures (SWMS).
  2. Donn their hazmat person protective equipment prior to entering site.
  3. Clean and sanitise the front door/entry way prior to entering.
  4. Clean all surfaces.
  5. Apply hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant by either hand, spray or bio-fogging.

What happens after the COVID Response Team are finished?

  1. Once outside the building, they will doff their hazmat PPE gear and dispose of in a legally compliant manner.
  2. Contact our office to arrange for the Certificate of Completion to be sent to you for proof of service.

How long after the service can you enter the space?

We recommend that you allow up to 2 hours after we have completed the service, before re-entering the site.

Have there been any adverse reactions to the products we use?

During the pandemic we have not had a single adverse reaction from any of the sites we have cleaned, which includes schools, retail sites, child care centres, aged care facilities, food distribution centres, restaurants, assisted living group homes etc, however we recommend you exercise your own judgement, and do your own due diligence on the products to ensure you feel comfortable.

Will we receive a certificate once the service is completed?

Yes, at the completion of the service, we will provide Certificate of Completion for your service.

What happens if you get a COVID-19 confirmed case – what do we do?

We recommend having a contingency plan in place should your site get a confirmed case. As part of your contingency with Cleancorp, we will have your details in our system, so that we can mobilise a COVID Response Team to you as quickly as possible. In metropolitan areas, our turnaround times are 1-3 hours, and regional areas may take up to 24 hours.

As a COVID-19 confirmed case, your organisation will go to the top of our work schedule for the day, which means your site will be disinfected quickly, efficiently and discreetly.

COVID-19 Strata Cleaning

For Strata buildings it is imperative that the Strata Manager and/or the Building Manager advise all residents that there is to be a COVID-19 service, so that our COVID Response Team can conduct your service safely and efficiently.

While the service at your Strata building is being conducted, please ensure all staff and residents stay inside their residences and DO NOT walk through the fog or mist while the service is being carried out, and to allow 2 hours after the service has been completed, before using any common areas that have been treated.

We strongly recommend staying in touch with Residents during this time, to manage any queries or concerns they may have.

Our Signature COVID Cleaning Method

We use government cleaning and disinfection principles in alignment with the Australian Government’s directives. As an extra precaution, we only use TGA approved hospital grade anti-viral disinfectants as recommended by Safe Work Australia.


Conduct a thorough risk assessment of your site prior to works being carried out.


Clean the surfaces first (because you can’t disinfect a dirty surface).


Apply our TGA approved hospital grade anti-viral disinfectant and allow it to cure while the active ingredients in the disinfectant get to work killing 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria.