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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Renew your office with Cleancorp’s commercial carpet cleaning

Sick and tired of looking at those stains on your carpet?

From coffee stains to footprints, a busy office can quickly take its toll on your carpet, & become a breeding ground for pollutants and allergens.

This is why, we recommend freshening up the carpet in your office every 6 months. Our exclusive commercial carpet cleaning service will refresh, sanitize & deodorize your floor coverings and have them looking their best again.

And the best part?

If we are already cleaning your site, you won’t even need to come into the office over the weekend to let us in and out.  We’ll do that ourselves.  With our access keys.

The highest quality equipment gets the cleanest carpets.

Has your carpet had it? Not to worry, our qualified team is trained in the art of bringing carpets back to life.

No matter how tired your carpet looks, our team will put their knowledge and expertise to restore your carpet to its former glory.   Using the best equipment in the business, we steam clean, sanitize and deodorize your carpet, leaving it looking and smelling great.


When was the last time your carpets were sanitised? Even if your carpet looks clean, it could be harbouring nasty germs, bacteria and pollutants that can affect the health of your employees. Regular steam cleaning every 6 months is recommended to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets.

Printer toner and coffee stains are our specialty.

If you’ve had a newbie staff member attempt to change the printer toner, you’ll know how easily ink can end up on the carpet. Or maybe you’ve got a clumsy team, where coffee spills are a routine casualty. No matter the marks or stains, we use expert techniques to remove stains.

Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’ll be happy to know that we offer commercial carpet cleaning service 7 days a week. We can come in on the weekends when your office is free and have your carpet sparkling clean for Monday morning.

Or if you operate 7 days a week, we will happily come in after hours to accommodate your needs.


Dirt, dust, and germs can build up on chairs and upholstery over time, and eventually infiltrate surfaces right across your offices.

Next time you’re doing your carpets, ask us to steam clean and sanitize your chairs and upholstery at the same time, and enjoy the fresh results.

Show your business means business

If you’re hoping to inspire staff and impress clients, you’ll need an office that sparkles. One of the fastest ways to refresh your image is by having your carpets professionally cleaned. Your clients and employees will thank you for the spotless, fresh-smelling carpet.

Cleancorp have been a great company to deal with. The professionalism and seamless attention to our space has been outstanding. It felt personalised with Hamish spontaneously checking in to see if everything was meeting our expectations –a service too often missing these days. There is a genuine care for the client with Cleancorp and we totally recommend them as a reliable, friendly and professional company

Ford van der Griend Roach
North Shore Private Hospital

Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing to keep us spic and span. From our initial dealings with Hamish, to the ongoing pleasure it is having Michael look after us each week, I can’t recommend Cleancorp highly enough. We were still finishing off the building process when you first started, and you have made the transition into a fully operational business such a smooth and easy one. Michael consistently goes the extra mile to keep the building looking great. I wish you would come and clean my house

Libby Pashley
Director – Big Bang Sound

Just want to say the new cleaners are AMAZING. For the past couple of weeks when I’m on the late shift, I’ve been watching them vacuum, clean the dishes, clearing the rubbish etc. They are awesome so can you please pass on the feedback.

Cellarmasters, North Sydney.


The cost of a professional carpet cleaning changes depending on how many carpets you need to be cleaned, how big they are, their current condition, and a few other factors.

However, you can expect to pay no less than about $0.20 per square foot of carpet, which works out to about $20 to $70 per room. The cost of our carpet cleaning services varies, so please feel free to reach out to us for a free quote.

It’s worth it to get your carpets professionally cleaned, especially if hygiene is a top priority in your building. During COVID-19, there’s been a greater need for thorough cleanliness in aged care facilitiesretail shops, and residential buildings. That’s why we offer expert strata cleaningcommercial cleaning, and more to make these buildings a safer place to be.

Another benefit to getting your carpet professionally cleaned is peace of mind. We at Cleancorp are proud to have built a reputation for being high-quality, reliable, and consistent. We care so much about our client’s satisfaction that we designed an entire app to maintain full transparency and communication throughout the process, all at no extra charge.

The most effective type of carpet cleaning is almost always steam cleaning. This method, when performed by a professional, can eliminate over 90% of dirt and bacteria from your carpeting. However, dry carpet cleaning methods are also highly effective and can be completed incredibly quickly.

If you decide to clean your carpet yourself, there are a few ways you can do so. A simple vacuum is a good place to start, especially if your carpet doesn’t need a particularly thorough cleaning. For deep stains, a popular method is to use a mixture of salt, vinegar, and borax, or a trusted carpet shampoo.

If you decide to clean your carpet yourself, there are a few ways you can do so. A simple vacuum is a good place to start, especially if your carpet doesn’t need a particularly thorough cleaning. For deep stains, a popular method is to use a mixture of salt, vinegar, and borax, or a trusted carpet shampoo.

Worried that’s there’s no carpet cleaning near you? Our national cleaning services are available in several locations across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth, as well as Auckland, New Zealand.

With our amazing staff, attention to detail, and dirt-free guarantee, we’re confident that you’ll be more than satisfied with our services. If you’d like a free quote, please fill out our online form. For any questions, we ask that you please contact us directly at 1300 211 944. We look forward to hearing from you.

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