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You want your residents to feel comfortable, and that starts with a clean and safe environment.

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A lot of aged care facilities struggle to manage their cleaning services.
We handle the (literal) dirty work for you, no micromanagement required.
So you can get back to what matters.


We clean right, so you never have to think about the cleaning again.

That means we’re more than just a supplier – we actively seek to make your life easier.

What makes our approach unique:

  • You’ll be assigned a regular cleaning team, so you can build a trusting relationship.
  • Our site management app includes GPS tracking and makes coordinating with us a breeze.
  • A rigorous training program ensures our staff is highly qualified and familiar with your site.

How It Works

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Complete the form and
we’ll give you a call.

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We’ll create a custom quote
& comprehensive plan.

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Smile knowing you’ve
made the right decision.

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We're different. You've never engaged a cleaning company like us before.

What we can say with certainty (and a great deal of pride) is you will never hire a cleaning service provider who will work as hard for you as we will.

Who will sweat all the small things, and stay up late figuring out how to save you money and run even more efficiently?

Who will actually deliver to you what we say we will? Great cleaning services and great staff who care about doing a thorough job.
That’s our promise to you.


You deserve a cleaning partner who cares as much as you do.

Imagine the possibilities when cleanliness is one less concern on your list.

Our commitment to sustainability is not just words - we take action.

Compared to standard commercial and industrial cleaning, aged care cleaning services require exceptionally high standards of cleanliness as well as a team who is sensitive to their environment and its clients. Typically, an outside team of cleaning professionals are contracted to visit the facility on a regular basis to carry out day-to-day cleaning services and maintain a hygienic and safe environment.

Record keeping and scheduling — To ensure thorough compliance, performance and completion of duties, as well as to keep on top of any potential issues.

Disinfecting biohazards — In this environment it is a common occurrence to encounter bodily fluids such as blood, vomit and faecal matter. These types of spills should be attended to as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of disease.

Disinfecting surfaces — To minimise the transfer of germs as surfaces can easily become reservoirs for infectious pathogens, which can, in turn, affect other high-touch objects.

Cleaning moisture-prone areas — Bathrooms in particular can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Aged care cleaning services require an extremely high standard of practice as older adults may have chronic conditions and weakened immune systems that make them more prone to infections. Consistent and thorough cleaning procedures and regular training can help reduce the risk of spreading infections among residents, keeping them safe, happy and healthy.

It can be difficult to determine the exact amount Aged Care cleaning services will cost upfront. This is because the price is likely to vary depending on factors like frequency of visits, number of staff, the site’s size and what tasks are required. At Cleancorp, we make it easy as we happily offer free quotes through our site.

Cleancorp proudly delivers our aged care cleaning services to customers all over Australia. Our teams are located in every major city around Australia and we also have an office in New Zealand.

At Cleancorp, we attribute our success and client satisfaction to our commitment to the three C’s; Cleaners, Consistency and Communication.

Unlike other aged care cleaning service providers, Cleancorp will assign you a regular cleaning team of highly trustworthy, experienced and skilled professionals who will be with you and your residents for the long-term. Police checked and approved, all of our cleaners are “career cleaners” who understand the level of care required for this specific environment and its clients. Our expert team is able to check in with GPS and communicate in real time — so if anything needs attention, we will be on it straight away.

Our years of experience in providing cleaning services for pensioners as well as triple ISO Certification for Quality, Safety & Environmental Management, speaks for itself. With an ongoing commitment to excellence and an outstanding customer service at every visit, experience for yourself why our Aged Care cleaning services are second to none.

Proudly ISO Certified for Quality, Safety and Environmental Management