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Looking for reliable commercial cleaners in Brisbane?

If you’re looking for commercial office cleaning services in Brisbane that can do everything you need in a complex modern building environment, Cleancorp is Brisbane’s leading ‘all services’ commercial office cleaning firm.

You know how every cleaning company says they will deliver the best cleaning services you’ve ever had?

Well, with our hi-tech system, we can actually prove to you that we do.  We use our proprietary technology platform to engage, support and recognise our cleaners for the amazing work they do cleaning businesses all over Brisbane every night.

This technology also gives our clients (and us) an incredible overview into what time their cleaner arrived, what tasks they completed while they were working at your site, what messages they received from you for any little ‘extras’ you may have needed that day, and then, what time they left.    Our system also ensures they have been inducted into your site, and that all the work, health, and safety compliance has been completed… prior to them starting work… so you can relax, and know that we’ll take care of managing all the details of your business cleaning..so you can get on with other things..

Ingenious right?  The way a modern business wants to work with a cleaning company?  You bet.. no more wondering how long your cleaner is actually on your site – you’ll be able to see for yourself…

Oh, and by the way – this system is at absolutely no extra cost to your business… That’s all part of our commitment to actually showing you what we do to avoid mistakes that other cleaning companies, well, they typically struggle with.

We understand that happy cleaners make happy customers.  We focus on them, so they can focus on you.

With advanced cleaning programs and strong service credentials, Cleancorp has been Brisbane’s choice for over 20 years, and we make it our mission to exceed your expectations.

What Other Cleaning Services Do We offer?

Let’s just say, there’s not much in the way of cleaning services that we don’t offer. As a family owned, all Australian business, we know that you want to work with a commercial and office cleaning company who can handle your all of your cleaning and ancillary needs…

Good news – that’s exactly what we do.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Maintenance & organising trades
  • Window Cleaning
  • Lawns & Gardening
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Move in/Move Out Cleaning
  • Sanitary Supply Services
  • Consumable Products
  • And so much more…

Is Cleancorp ISO Certified?

Yes, we are!  Right now, we’re triple ISO certified for Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management.  And (very shortly) we’ll be adding another ISO to that list for Corporate Social Responsibility.  

So you can be confident that when you’re dealing with us, your job will be managed using the most advanced standards in the world that we get audited for every single year.  That’s right, you can’t just buy an ISO Certification.  You have to earn them…

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Let us show you how we can lift the weight of managing your commercial and office cleaning off your shoulders.   Simply click on the “Request Free Quote” button now, or if you’d prefer to speak with one of our friendly staff, contact us today on 1300 211 944.

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