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Office Christmas Party Humiliation. How to handle the next day at work

Cleancorp Christmas party 2021

There’s always one.  It’s just that this year, it’s you, and now, you’re staring down the barrel of total office Christmas party humiliation.   Here’s how to handle the next day at work..

After a year that, let’s face it, everyone would rather forget, your boss has sprung for a great party, to celebrate just making it through the year.

And to make it even more special, it wasn’t a Monday-Thursday night party.


Your boss booked it on a Friday night – and everyone knows, you have to earn a Friday night party, so it’s going to be huge.

Okay, maybe you just think that way.

The reality is that you work with a great group of people, and when you put them together with free food, alcohol, and the festive season, well, let’s just say it’s the perfect storm for things to get out of hand.

And let’s face it.   The work crew love to party.  Even the people who don’t like to party, carry on at the work ‘do’.  So, whether you like it or not, this is THE party of the year, so much so that you have even pre-planned for being at the party with an action plan, so you can avoid making a fool of yourself.

Christmas Party Action Plan For Success:

  1. Drink a glass of water between drinks.
  2. Make sure you eat.
  3. Don’t mix your drinks
  4. And the 3 magical ‘P’s” – PACE, PACE, PACE
  5. Don’t get too loose

And yet, despite all the pre-party warm ups, you went and did it.  Got lit, and in the harsh light of day, and now that you look back on the night that was, you’re feeling your very own office christmas party humiliation, so here are a few tips 👇👇👇

How to handle the next day at work like a pro:

  1. Alcohol Honesty 🍻

    Being a few drinks in and deciding that now is a great time to share with the owner or your boss, exactly what you think of them, and why you think everything on the company’s strategic plan will never work, is not the best time for this conversation, and it is definitely not the right time if you’ve had a few drinks, are slurring your words, or being negative.  If you feel really strongly about something, speak to them about it at work, but NOT at the Christmas party.
  2. Sh*t Talking 🗣

    Gossiping about everyone in the team to anyone who’ll listen, and then remembering the next day what you said and who you said it too, or being so opinionated, that you start a fight.  Good rule of thumb – if it’s not positive, keep it to yourself.

  3. The “Elaine Benness” Dancing Queen 💃Just. Don’t. Do. It.  Three rules here.  Avoid grinding on people, twerking or dancing like the Elaine character on Seinfeld.     SUPER awkward the day after, and it’s hard to un-see that 🙈
  4. The Crying Drunk 😢

    I once went to an office Christmas party, where one of my colleagues spent most of the night in varying states of crying. She cried because she was happy, she cried because she was sad, she cried because she was drunk.  You get the idea.    Everyone is there for FUN.  So, keep it fun, and don’t cry!

  5. The “I Love Youse” Drunk 😍

    The Crying Drunk and the I Love Youse drunk can often be the same person and alternate between these two states. On one hand, they’re having such a great time and are so grateful for everything, they just want to share the love.   On the other, they get super emotional and then the waterworks start.    I remember being at a party and being trapped in the bathroom by the “I Love Youse/Crying Drunk” and then she vomited, at my feet.

  6. The Phantom Fade 

    You know those Christmas parties where suddenly you realise someone is missing?  They say hi to everyone, have a drink, seem to be in every photo being taken, maybe even have a dance, but they are busy planning their early exit.  Don’t do the Phantom Fade – leave the party in a cool way.  Say goodbye and say thanks.  Don’t be a douche and just leave.

  7. The Chronic Over Sharer 

    You just asked what they were getting up to over the Christmas break, and an hour later, you still can’t get away from them, while they share every intimate detail of their lives.  Ughghghghgh honestly, we’re not that interested, we were just making conversation.

  8. The Wardrobe Malfunction 

    I attended a Christmas party at a previous employ, and we had a dancing queen who had had way too much to drink, busting moves all over the dance floor on her own.    She was wearing a cute dress with spaghetti straps, and as she was busting a particular move, well, she also busted a strap.  Everyone from the boss to the office junior saw her “Janet Jackson” moment happen.  Following the event, she owned it right away, laughing about the fact we all got more than we bargained for.  Disaster averted, we all had a laugh and moved on 😊

Remember that to avoid any office Christmas party humiliation, it’s up to you, and how you handle the next day at work.    You can pretend it didn’t happen, or much easier, if something did happen, (and you know everyone knows about it), just own it, & have a laugh.    It’s not the end of the world as you know it, and it’s definitely not the end of your career.   Take responsibility, and move on.

And remember, if you’re having a work Christmas party at the office, or are looking for professional cleaning services that are managed for you, and not by you, call Cleancorp on 1300 211 944 for a free quote.