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Where could you catch coronavirus in your office?

Door handles, fridges, keyboards and office bathrooms could all prove ground zero for the spread of coronavirus through workplaces, experts warn. Employees wanting to stay safe at work need to ensure the common “touch points” around the office – those items that are touched regularly – are cleaned to hospital standards. Full Article Here >>

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Success Story

CBT: Tell us about when and why you started Cleancorp. What had you done previously? L&HM: Back in 1995, my husband was working as a builder/carpenter doing huge hours in a fickle construction industry with unpredictable pay checks. Lucky for us, I had steady work in Sales and Marketing for an International Hotel chain. We had one steady income, and one extremely unpredictable income, and then we found out I was pregnant… we were thrilled! Because I had only been in my position for a short period, I had no maternity leave allowance, and so I either had to go back to work a month after our baby was born – or find another employer. We couldn’t afford to lose my income, so back to work I went. We had 2 more children in fairly quick succession after that, all while I stayed on at work full time. It was heartbreaking, putting someone else in charge of looking after our 3 little girls each day, but we had to do it to survive. I guess the tipping point came on the day after Christmas in 1997 – we had run out of money for the month. My husband hadn’t been

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