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Ink on the new carpet? Oh no!

Mmmm, the smell of new, freshly laid carpet in your office…. The boss, is feeling good – proudly telling everyone that he got it for a steal (as he runs his hand across it one more time)…

His good mood won’t last long though when he finds out that someone has spilt ink on the new carpet… oops.

How do you solve this carpet cleaning dilemma without telling your boss?

  1. Scrub the stain with bleach (noooooooo – don’t do that, you’ll ruin the carpet entirely!)
  2. Cut the carpet (but the stain is at the center- don’t do this either!)
  3. Tell your boss (and regret the decision later on when you don’t get an annual bonus and everyone else does)
  4. Call a professional and reliable office carpet cleaning service (the best and safest option!)

Relax. Cleancorp has your back. We’ll remove that stain in no time! Our ninja office carpet cleaners will make sure it looks good as new- like the stain was never there.. Call us now at 1300 211 944 and let us take care of your cleaning problem for you.