Wow, The cleaning is fantastic – please let the cleaner know how awesome they are.


Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that I’m extremely happy with the Cleancorp service. It’s everything that was promised, and you run a fantastic, efficient and responsive service. I’ll be letting our Regional Manager know just how good you guys are.

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I would like to personally mention that your commitment in “getting it right” has been spot on. Your customer service, professionalism and passion is genuine and you know what it takes to get it right. Management are very aware of Cleancorp’s commitment and dedication to providing high quality service..

Thanks again.

Val McMullan
Event Coordinator, The Eventful Group

I just wanted to pass on to you some high praise for Carlos.

We installed a kitchen prior to moving in. The floor was a scuffed and Carlos tried his best to get the scuff marks off, but to no avail.

In his own time, and under his own volition, Carlos tracked down some excess new carpet times from somewhere and came in over several Sundays to lay them. (He didn’t do the same job as a professional layer, but he did a more than satisfactory one.)

To be honest, I am gob smacked. I knew Carlos when we rented in this site 3 years ago and he was always extremely professional and efficient but I cant speak highly enough of this level of customer service…talk about going above and beyond the call of duty.

I don’t know what else to say, except to acknowledge what is an outstanding employee.

Lee Featherby
Managing Director, Powerful Points

Just want to say the new cleaners are AMAZING.

For the past couple of weeks when I’m on the late shift, I’ve been watching them vacuum, clean the dishes, clearing the rubbish…..

They are awesome so can you please pass on the feedback..

Hilton Williams
Sales Team Manager, Cellarmaster Wines Pty Ltd

Cleancorp have been a great company to deal with. The professionalism and seamless attention to our space has been outstanding. It feels personalised with Hamish spontaneously checking in to see if everything is meeting our expectations – a service too often missing these days. There is a genuine care for the client with Cleancorp and we totally recommend them as a reliable, friendly and professional company.

Ford Van der Griend
North Shore Private Hospital