How To Make Social Media Work For a Cleaning Business

How can social media work for, and grow, a cleaning business? Imagine scrolling through Facebook posts, looking at all the great food, kids and travel photos.  Then, a cleaning business post pops up – a before and after photo of a bathroom that was cleaned. Sure, the cleaning team did a great job 🙂  But, […]

Cleaning Company Founders Give Advice On Marketing Automation, Marriage and Niche Marketing

Success Story

Australian cleaning company jumps from $1M to $3.75M using online sales and service automation, wins Small Business ICON Award at Convention in USA.

InClean Magazine

Cleancorp's value-add strategy reaps local and international rewards

How to Present Magazine

Cleancorp's Director of Sales & Marketing, Lisa Macqueen, was recently invited to give a keynote speech at the prestigious ISSA Cleaning event held in Orlando, Florida, where she shared some of the company's fresh new ideas on how to provide extreme value to clients with their cleaning services.