Brisbane, AU – Employees at a family law firm in Brisbane are celebrating John Wilson’s birthday, a senior partner at the firm, with an office party this Friday night.

I know it’s my birthday, but this piss up feels like more of a punishment than a gift” said Wilson, “I can make awkward small talk and dad jokes with these people any day I want, why do I have to waste my birthday doing it too?”

The party planning committee decided on an 80’s theme, because it seemed original yet basic enough where everyone would have clothes to wear.

“I really thought John would like an 80’s theme since I noticed he plays a lot of Aerosmith and Journey when he’s working” said Meryl, from the accounting department and the head of the party planning committee, “and I think he’ll be excited to see the entire accounting department dressed as one of his favorite artists, Prince!”

“And the worst part is, not only do I need to organise extra office cleaning, but I walk in and I see the entire accounting department dressed up as Prince” said Wilson, “so now I can officially say I spent my 52nd birthday standing around with a group of Princes arguing whether Purple Rain or Raspberry Beret is better to workout to.”

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