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How to Pick the Ideal Cleaning Company for Your Aged Care Facility

Female Cleancorp cleaner in aged care facility

Finding the perfect cleaning company to meet your aged care needs is essential to ensuring a clean and healthy environment in your facility.

As an aged care manager, it’s your responsibility to not only provide excellent levels of care for your residents, but also maintain high standards of cleanliness for everyone’s safety. More than ever before, aged care cleaning services must be rigorous.

Choosing the right cleaning company for cleaning aged care facilities can be difficult, but with careful consideration and research, you can find a cleaning service who can deliver the right cleaning solutions using modern cleaning equipment, tailored to both your financial requirements and desired level of hygiene.

Cleaning aged care

When selecting a cleaning company for your aged care facility, it’s important to consider their history of providing regular cleaning and high quality services to others in your industry, as well as their commitment to safety and professionalism.

Find out if they offer flexible packages or specialized cleaning schedules or rates for different types of facilities so you can pick the package that best fits your budget.

Additional aged care cleaning services

It’s important to ensure that the chosen company will be able to provide an appropriate level of services for all areas of your facility – this includes general cleaning procedures such as vacuuming, carpet shampooing, floor cleaning, specialized tasks like window washing, pressure washing and hazardous materials removal, as well as creating custom-tailored aged care cleaning procedures based on regular inspections and reports on their work progress.

Cleaning Staff

The cleaning team must adhere strictly to local health authorities’ safety standards when dealing with hazardous materials used in industrial-strength cleanup operations in some sections of the aged care facility such as kitchens and bathrooms.

While on site, you should expect to see cleaners checking their cleaning schedules to ensure they’re getting all tasks done in their shift. In addition, hygiene is vital – so hand washing and ensuring they are disinfecting surfaces with pre-approved cleaning solutions is vital for the health of your facility.

Finally, all aged care cleaning services must provide staff who are immunized against flu and Covid, and have a police check, and your cleaning company will provide this paperwork prior to commencing at your retirement centre.

Do your due diligence on potential candidates so you can make sure they have everything needed from knowledge and experience through to licensing and insurance coverage. Their staff should be able to demonstrate using personal protective equipment, and be familiar with known infection control measures, how to clean high touch objects and surfaces, and be very well trained in working around the elderly.

By verifying these things, you know that whatever solution is provided by them will be tailored perfectly to fit both your budget requirements as well as your cleaning standards.

How do you find the right cleaning company for aged care facilities?

Finding the perfect cleaning company to meet all your aged care cleaning needs means finding one that values customer service and has extensive experience in the field, together with quality control mechanisms in place that guarantee great outcomes at all times.

At Cleancorp, we provide cleaning services that are managed for you, not by you. So you can relax knowing that your elderly residents will be seeing all our cleaning staff providing very high standards of cleaning with care.

During the research phase, asking questions like:

1. What types of services do you offer and what is the scope of your cleaning solutions?

2. Can you provide emergency staffing cover for the kitchen, cleaning and laundry areas?

3. What safety protocols and industry best practices do you follow during a clean?

4. Do you use appropriate materials and products for aged care facilities when cleaning?

5. How experienced are your cleaning staff in providing aged care cleaning solutions?

It’s best to research thoroughly before making any decisions – ask friends or colleagues for recommendations or read customer reviews when possible.

Conduct interviews with potential candidates so you can learn more about them before hiring any particular cleaning service provider – make sure they have valid licenses and insurance policies in place so you are covered should something unfortunate occur during their operations at the facility.

Also look into their past projects – ask how many similar facilities they have serviced before yours so you get an idea of how experienced they are with this type of work.


You deserve to work with a professional cleaning company that’s run by people who actually care. You’ll see they care by being easy to communicate with at any level, they’ll provide you with cleaners who are well trained, and who will show compassion and kindness to your residents, all while delivering consistent cleaning services and showing pride in a job well done in delivering a clean site at every shift.