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It’s ChristMAS, not ChristMESS!!

messy table of food at office Christmas party

How to Make the Most of Your Office Closure This Christmas

Planning Christmas office closures?  If you’ve ever walked into your office the morning after the Christmas party, you know it can either be a big win (good cleaners), or an epic fail (no cleaners).  

We call that, a “Christ-mess”, and no-one wants to come in to that 🤢.  

They do,  however,  love being welcomed back after the holiday season by a squeaky clean workplace, and work that’s been done by a team of fresh clean cleaners who care (yes, they do exist)!

So, if you’d like your return to work to ‘sleigh-it’ 🛷 here are a few ideas for putting a bow on your year, and getting your workplace Christmas ready 🎉.  

If it’s your first time hiring a professional cleaning service, there are some things to consider. Cleancorp has been in the cleaning business for over 27 years and we know a thing or two about what makes a stellar service.  Here’s our top 5 tips to guarantee stress-free commercial cleaning during the holiday season:


Have a Closure Plan

What is it, and why do you need one?  

A Christmas closure plan is a schedule of what’s happening when you’re closing your office for the holidays.  Your plan should be shared with your team members and your cleaning service team.    

The plan lets everyone know what’s going on, with the added benefit of you not having to be there to tell them 😉

PRO TIP:  Include a list of who is working when during the festive season.  any emergency contacts, security requirements etc, and be sure to get your plan in for booking your routine servicing and ad hoc maintenance cleaning jobs as early as you can.  Not only will your work team appreciate that you’re doing this while (most of them) aren’t there, but your cleaning team will love you for the advance notice!


Get Your Periodical Cleaning Jobs Scheduled  

If you’ve spent the better part of this year looking at stains on the carpet, dirty grout in the bathrooms, or windows you can barely see out of,  your Christmas office closures are the perfect time to get things cleaned and ready to go for the new year.  

The last thing you want is your office to start looking shabby, and ask yourself, Do you want to be looking at those same stains next year?   

Your deep cleaning tasks can be done with minimal interruption to you or your team, but will make a huge impact when you get back to the office, and added bonus, your team WILL notice, and they’ll be happy (so will you xx).


Provide specific details of Works

When you’re getting quotes on commercial cleaning services for offices, retailers, schools or aged care, be prepared to offer as much detail as possible. 

Areas you should focus on are Stained upholstery, detail cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, or your entire site top to bottom, be sure to let your service know in advance, and any professional organisation, will provide you with photos to confirm once the works are completed. 


Make a Plan for Cleaning Days

Once you’ve chosen the commercial cleaning service you’d like to use, there’s a few safety items you’ll need to check they have.  Depending on your business, you may need police checks, vaccination status and insurance details.  You will also need to advise on building access details, where they can access water for machines if needed, parking availability if you’re located in a CBD area, and how to exit your building safely.  

You should also provide them with an emergency contact number just in case – better safe than sorry 😊


Recognise the Silent Heroes in your Team

A little appreciation always goes a loooooong way with your office cleaner, and just being acknowledged as an extended part of your team, joining in your company secret Santa, or even an invite to the Christmas drinks – your cleaner will appreciate being recognised by you for their hard work at your workplace.  

With locations across Australia, Cleancorp can help you put your office cleaning on autopilot during the holiday season. Contact us today for a free quote or more information about our services.