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How To Make Social Media Work For a Cleaning Business

How Cleancorp uses social media to build a relationship with their clients

How can social media work for, and grow, a cleaning business?

Imagine scrolling through Facebook posts, looking at all the great food, kids and travel photos.  Then, a cleaning business post pops up – a before and after photo of a bathroom that was cleaned. Sure, the cleaning team did a great job 🙂

But, given the enormous amount of competition for someone’s attention, let’s face it.  It is not compelling enough to stop someone from just scrolling right past it.  (Honestly, who CARES about the before and after shots… if you’re a cleaner, then you clean right?)….

And THAT, is the whole point of the social media post – to get people to notice the company, take the time to read about its endeavours and interact with the business.

In this article, our very own Director of Sales & Marketing for Cleancorp, Lisa Macqueen, shares her social media strategies for cleaning business success with Canada’s Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine.