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How To Deep Clean An Office

A deep clean is a process that goes beyond the regular cleaning routine. It’s an opportunity to get in amongst all those hard-to-reach places, such as behind the kitchen appliances or under the bathroom sink, and eradicate any built-up dirt and grime. In addition, regular office deep cleaning can help to improve air quality by removing airborne allergens and pollutants. 

And let’s be honest, it is lovely to come in after the office has been given a really thorough deep cleaning treatment.  It just feels better to work in the space.  

While the disruption of deep cleaning an office can be daunting for any business, coordinating the logistics of providing access to the commercial cleaning company keeping the space orderly, free from germs, and clutter-free has never been more important, especially if you’re offering a hybrid working model to your team. 

However, it can be challenging to know where to start, especially if the office has been neglected for a while.  

In this blog post, we’ll explain how to deep clean an office and create a healthy and productive working environment. Let’s get started.

Deep cleaning for offices: essential tasks to make your workspace sparkle

Regular office deep cleaning is essential to help combat the spread of germs and protect the health and safety of your employees.  But what exactly should be included in the task list?   Here’s what you should focus on when you’re deep cleaning your office:

  • Clean light fixtures, switches, and door handles
  • Vacuum the carpet with a professional cleaner
  • Clean and vacuum blinds, windowsills, and wipe down signage
  • Clean and vacuum office furniture, including chairs 
  • Clean inside and behind the fridge and other appliances
  • Sanitize the toilets and other bathroom surfaces
  • Dust skirting boards, ledges, and vents
  • Disinfect all kitchen surfaces, including cupboards and bins
  • Sanitize desks, monitors, phones, and keyboards
  • Check air filters and replace them if needed

How to deep clean an office: 5 top tips

When your office is sparkling, your business is primed for success. Not only will your staff appreciate the clean, tidy and newly-sanitized surroundings — increasing productivity and the happiness factor of actually being in the office instead of working from home.  

A freshly-scrubbed space creates a welcoming and inviting environment for any prospective clients and customers who walk through the door. Here are 5 top tips for deep cleaning your office:

1. Remove everything ahead of the clean

Start by decluttering and getting rid of any unnecessary items, such as old paperwork, trash, or unused office supplies.  For any paper items, consider a secure removal service.  

Next step, move any furniture and appliances out and away from the walls so you can clean behind them. With everything out of the way, it’s easier to reach the hidden dirt and grime that prevents your office space from sparkling. 

2. Clean from the ceiling to the floor

Empty all of the drawers, cabinets, and storage areas, and wipe them down with a damp cloth or an all-purpose cleaner. Then dust all surfaces, including walls, light fixtures, and baseboards, using a microfiber cloth or duster to avoid sending dust particles into the air. Vacuum all carpets and rugs, paying extra attention to high-traffic areas, and the edges and corners,  and shampooing or steaming them for a deeper clean wherever possible. 

3. Rearrange the workspace

Reconsider the layout and introduce desk storage for your staff to make the newly-clean environment easier to maintain in the long term. While deep cleaning your office can be disruptive, it’s also an opportunity to create a more efficient and ergonomic system, which means less clutter. Plus, it’ll expedite your office deep cleaning regimen next time. 

4. Don’t forget the ‘obvious’ places

That means cleaning windows and glass surfaces, using a streak-free cleaner and lint-free cloth for the best results. Be sure to clean any fingerprints or smudges from mirrors as well. Finally, disinfect all commonly touched surfaces, like door handles, light switches, and countertops. This will help to prevent the spread of germs.

5. Stay on top of a cleaning regimen

A deep clean is only effective if you maintain it. Create a cleaning schedule and make sure to stick to it, and if you and your colleagues don’t want to have to clean each day, consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to provide this service for you.  

Encourage your staff to take a certain amount of responsibility for keeping the space clean by providing antibacterial wipes so they can sanitize their desks at the end of each day. Install a dishwasher in the office kitchen so the staff can clean after lunch breaks. These small daily efforts will help to keep your office free of dirt, dust, mold and grime all year round.

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