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What the h*ll is in the office fridge? It stinks!

Opened the office fridge and the smell sent you reeling? Let the battle of ‘who-left-what-in-the-fridge’ begin…

OK, in the interest of good office politics, and no bio-hazards – Cleancorp proudly presents this Public Service Announcement:

There is no doubt that the kitchen is usually the office’s battlefield. So here are a few kitchen etiquette rules – print this up and put it in a prominent location…

  1. If you use it, put it away immediately.
  2. If you made something dirty, clean it straight away.
  3. Don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you.
  4. Schedule a regular clean out day for the fridge
  5. If it’s empty, refill it.

If this doesn’t work (and you can’t even guilt those slobs into cleaning up after themselves).. don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’re obsessively clean & tidy (we’re kind of known for it..). With Cleancorp, you just get more, more time on site, more attention to detail, and much more care…. Call us today for a free quote 1300 211 944.