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Eight Things To Do Before Finishing Work On A Friday


How you finish your work week can have a huge impact on your productivity for the following week, and, it can also determine how relaxed you feel over the weekend, so here are eight things to do before finishing work on a Friday, to set you up for success.

Most successful people have a Friday afternoon routine to prepare themselves – so that they can completely relax over the weekend, and then when Monday comes around, they’re ready to dive back in..

# 1 – Look back over your week and reflect on your achievements for the week.

Yes, instead of getting to Friday and worrying about what you didn’t do – take a different approach and remind yourself of just how much progress you have made (even if it was something small).  If you’re a Team Leader, you may want to turn this into a team get-together each Friday afternoon where you celebrate each others top achievements for the week..

# 2 – Decide on your priorities for the following week.

Want to get something achieved?  Put it on your schedule and allocate time to get it done.  If you’re on a deadline for something, ensure you allow yourself enough time to finish the project.   Look at having between 3-5 major prorities that you want to achieve each week.

# 3 – Complete a to-do list for the following week.

By planning your following week, and working with your top 3-5 major priorities, you’ll be way more likely to get things done. It’s a great feeling making a plan and then sticking to it the following week – you’ll be way more productive, and you won’t be wasting time figuring it out on a busy Monday morning.

# 4 – Get organised.

Take 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon and just clean out and organise your email files, as well as your office.
You’ll come back after the weekend to a fresh, organised start the week (especially if your office cleaners have been in cleaning over the weekend).
You can also organise other areas of the office – put paper in the copier, so it’s ready to go for Monday morning.  Send any meeting requests for the following week.  etc..

# 5 – Plan a fun Friday activity.

If you’ve had a busy week, it’s great to create a fun ritual that helps end the week and signal the beginning of the weekend. This could be going out with your colleagues after work for a drink, or heading to the gym for an end of week gym session.  The important thing is that whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you enjoy, and you’ll look forward to..

# 6 – Acknowledge your colleagues accomplishments and hard work.

Everyone wants to feel valued in their role, so if you’re a Team Leader, think about using Friday afternoons as a time where you can check in with your team and thank them personally for their hard work that week, or acknowledge them for something they’ve achieved that week.
It’s a great way of making sure people feel truly appreciated in their jobs.

# 7 – Remember to say goodbye to everyone…

A simple, “have a nice weekend” can go a long way.

# 8 – Think about your plans for the weekend.

If you haven’t made any plans, Friday afternoon is a great time to connect with friends and get something organised.  There might be a great new movie you want to see, or a new restaurant that’s just opened, or you really want to spend time with your kids at the park.  Take a few minutes, before it’s too late, to make reservations, check the weather, find a babysitter, etc.


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