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Office Manager sets air con temp to “Arctic”

young female office worker who is cold at work

With the warmer weather now here, one thing is for sure.  If your office manager has anything to do with it, the office air con temp is about to turn Arctic.  Ladies and gentlemen, the annual fight for control of the office a/c is about to begin.  It’s ON vs OFF  (if you know what we mean you might be able to relate to this post).

Air conditioning controller with gold backgroundAs the temperature outside soars in the hot Australian Summer, the tense air conditioning battle continues unabated inside your office.      Your office runs the risk of turning into a war zone.   Change the temperature by even a degree, and be prepared for some serious blowback..

Sure, it will feel like the office manager is just giving you helpful “advice” on how the a/c system works when the office manager tells you why it needs to be so cold, – but you know what they’re really saying is ‘keep your hands off the a/c a**hole’..

57b1fd32170000ae02c733fcYou’re literally shivering at your desk and experiencing what is known as “freezing office syndrome”.

According to research, more women than men suffer from this affliction.  There are many theories as to why but it’s most likely because women typically produce less body heat than men.

Male or female, working in a cold environment can impact on your productivity and concentration levels.   If your office is uncomfortably cold your first move is to take it up with your office manager or HR department.   Ask if the temperature can be adjusted or the air vents moved so they’re not pointing directly at you.   Is it possible to move desks?   What’s the chance of opening a window to let some of the warmer outside air in?

Can the responsibility for the air con be on your list of duties (instead of theirs..?)

If you’re losing the battle – you can STILL win this war…  Here are 5 ways you can handle freezing office syndrome this Summer, and tell your office manager to “go ahead, set the air con temp to ‘Arctic’.

Try these tips to keep yourself warm while you’re at work, and enjoy the smug feeling of knowing you’ve won this round...

Wear layers

Sure, that beautiful new summer outfit you just bought for work is TOTALLY redundant.   It’s way too cold inside to wear that… but cheer up, just think of the extra value for money you’ll be getting out of your winter clothes each year.   (You’ll save a fortune on summer work clothes)...

Keep a jacket at work

woman blowing into her hands to keep warmInstead of shivering through another day, make sure you always leave a jacket at work. Drape it over your office chair or keep it in a drawer for easy access when you need it. Just make sure it’s one you don’t mind losing..

You could also keep a scarf or wrap on hand for those days when you need an extra layer. This a good solution for when you have meetings on-site with people you’d rather not see while you’re wearing a baggy hoody too 🙂

Drink hot beverages

Have you ever gone camping and sat by a fire holding a delicious hot drink to keep your hands warm?  Well same principal applies here.

woman cupping her hands around a hot drink to stay warmWrapping your hands around a warm cup can help to defrost your fingers too. Hot water in a cup or even a cup of soup will do the trick.    So cold in your office you can feel chillblains forming?   Then it’s time for the ‘big-guns’ and by that I mean, a hot water bottle (I’m serious, here at Cleancorp, we have seen clients use these to stay warm)

Finger-less gloves, socks and blankets

Cold office worker with pink blanketThis blog post is definitely sounding more and more like a camping post, but stay with me…

If the cold is affecting your productivity, it’s time to get serious about ways to keep warm. A small blanket over your lap can make a big difference (sure, you’ll look ridiculous, but hey – at least you’ll be warm).

While you’re at it, bring a pair of socks to put on while you’re at your desk because having warm feet can help regulate your body temperature. If you suffer from cold fingers, making typing difficult, use a pair of finger-less gloves to help keep your hands warm while you work.



Get up and moving in the direction of the office manager Cold office worker changing air conditioning temperature

It’s time to take action.

Get up from your desk.  Get out from under your blanket, take off your finger-less gloves, your water bottle and your North Face puffer jacket, & challenge the efficient office manager who set the air con temp to “Arctic” in the first place.

This will really get your blood boiling, and in an ironic twist, warm you up.

Go try it, and if that doesn’t work, just keep changing the temp until they give in and give up…  Good luck!