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Does Your Business Look Clean and Tidy?

Every business has two faces; the one seen by our customers and the one seen by our staff. But these must both be kept to the highest standards if the best results are to be gained. Clean surroundings lead to better businesses. Cleaning is often thought of as having less importance than many other business tasks. Yet it can make the difference between retaining customers and losing them.

Consider the following areas:

tidy-work-areaDesk space

Even if our desk space isn’t visible to clients, it should be visible to us. Our efficiency will be hindered if we don’t keep it clean, tidy and organized. Imagine you answer a call from a client and require some paperwork to confirm their query. A clean and well-ordered desk will make it easy to find what you need. A messy one will not.

Bathrooms and restroomsclean-restrooms

Both clients and staff will use these areas. Cleanliness is important for hygiene reasons, but that extra degree of care and attention goes a long way too.
Adding fresh towels, pleasant air fresheners and even an air purification system will help to create a welcoming and fresh feel to your washrooms and it shows that you care about every detail.

Reception areas

clean-reception-areaThese are all important. New clients will see this area before any other, except for the exterior of the building.
Every part of the reception area, from floor to ceiling, must be regularly cleaned and kept tidy. A cluttered space means less efficient service, and you cannot afford to keep clients waiting. It will encourage a negative view of the whole business.


Cast your eye regularly, over the business premises you work in.

Do you feel positive about the feeling it gives you? Are you embarrassed about the clutter? Do you find yourself apologizing to clients for any reason?

It is vital to encourage good relations by presenting a clean and tidy image. If your workspace isn’t clean or tidy, you must ask yourself why. Lack of space, disorganization and a lack of time to change things – all of these can be solved.

Take time now to make the required changes and you will save time later. You will also find it a more pleasant area to work in. None of this needs to be done alone either. An office cleaning service will assist you in creating the professional and efficient image you need to present to your clients. When performed regularly, you will notice the difference a fresh clean workspace has. This applies to all areas of your business.
The physical appearance of your business has a direct effect on how you feel about it. But while you may be happy to work among clutter, your clients will not feel the same way. Consider their needs as well as your own. Commercial cleaners can provide all kinds of services to ensure your business looks good every hour of the day.

Put simply, a clean and tidy business will attract more customers…

Isn’t that what you’re aiming for?