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Dear Office Cleaners At My Work

Dear Office Cleaners At My Work

As the Office Manager, maybe you’ve written a “Dear Office Cleaners At My Work”, note…  or perhaps, you’ve overheard some of these exchanges between your co-workers?

‘…wish he’d use some deodorant…’

‘…why can’t he/she wipe out the bottom of the bin?’

‘…It’s so awkward, I don’t want to chat with them’

‘…they’ve missed that bit of paper on the floor again’

Who knows?  Maybe you had one of these conversations with a co-worker today…

Dear Office Cleaners Where I Work
Dear Office Cleaners Where I Work

As people who come to our offices to work, but don’t work with us – we seem to spend a huge amount of time discussing our cleaners, what they do, how they do it, and everything in between.

What’s with our fascination for office cleaners anyway?  

I remember back when I was working in offices (similar to the type we now clean), discussions about the cleaners and the cleaning would be a really regular thing – there’d always be someone who had something to say about the cleaners, and then once one person mentioned it, no matter how busy we all were, it’d quickly escalate and before you knew it, there’d be opinions flying left and right….

…..about the cleaning and/or the cleaner…


It got me thinking about that (again…), and I wondered “if people could write a letter to their cleaner, what would they say?” 

And how could we make that process easier …?

Because everything starts and ends with communication, and if you don’t (or can’t) communicate with your cleaners, then those little niggly frustrations can turn into great big annoyances… 

Just Clean All The Things
Just Clean All The Things

Sure, you could always leave a note on the kitchen bench or at Reception, or even in a communication book,

…but that’s so last century…. in today’s busy world who wants to work with a office cleaners who manage their sites with a pen and paper? 

What’s important to businesses now is great service and great communication…

“Communication must be HOT – Honest, Open and Two Way”  Dan Oswald”

According to IbisWorld, the cleaning industry in Australia is a 9 Billion dollar a year industry, employing well in excess of 105,000 workers – ranging from multimillion-dollar Australian and overseas owned companies to small family operations.

And what the IbisWorld report doesn’t mention, is that the cleaning industry is ferociously competitive.   So if you’re currently working with a cleaning company who are still operating like dinosaurs and doing everything the old-fashioned way…

….the good news is – you don’t have to anymore… 


For the past 6 months we have been testing our Site Management App, with incredible results…

Just imagine how easy it would be to be able to grab your phone and hit an app to communicate with your office cleaners in seconds…

  • Running low on supplies?   Sure, your cleaner just enters that straight into the app, and the orders are on their way to your office.
  • Have extra boxes that need removing tonight?   No problem.
  • Want to leave a quick message? Of course…
  • Wondering what tasks they did while they were there? You bet… it’s all there in the app
Cleaning Complaints Desk
Are You The “Cleaning Complaints Desk” At Your Office?

Have a colleague who thinks you’re the “cleaning complaints desk” at your office?

Great, let’s give them their own access to the app, so they can let their cleaner know exactly how they like things done…

So……what happens if your cleaner doesn’t speak great English?

Would you be excited if I told you the Cleancorp app has multi-lingual capabilities…?

Here’s how that works:

Messages are automatically translated into the cleaners (yes, your cleaners), native language…

How cool is that?

Oh, and then when the cleaner responds, it automatically translates their responses back into English…


So What’s a Site Management App System? (And what’s in it for you?)

We know that if you’re like most people, you’re swamped at work…  Who’s got time to find a communication book much less write in it... But your phone – well, that’s probably within arms reach.

App Store
App Store

A few quick taps and your message has been sent.  Now you can discuss the things that really matter –  rather than wasting your time with the same conversation over and over. Nobody needs that, especially not you!

Through our years of experience, we already know it’s the little things that go unspoken that can really get under your skin.  Our App helps us prevent those issues by making it easy to be as specific as you want, uploading images and communicating directly through the messaging system to avoid any awkward situations and ensure the best service from our team.

Clear instructions and actual pictures of your space help set up your cleaners for success so they know how to tackle every cleaning obstacle while catering each service to your specifications.

After all, most mistakes can be avoided with proper communication. 

This handy tool not only clarifies communication, but after every inspection visit, you will receive a customised inspection report that uniquely fits your space. This is also sent to the Cleancorp Office, so they know how to serve you better with tailored instructions and personalised details.

As a busy member of your team, you’re consistently going above and beyond to make your office thrive. People expect more of you because you always deliver.

It’s time you expected more from your cleaning company – we’re just as intent on high standards as you. We don’t cling to the archaic pen-and-paper ways of the past; we’re constantly looking for new ways to stay up-to-date and streamline our efforts so we can keep delivering top cleaning services to businesses right across Australia and New Zealand.

Meet the team intent on fulfilling all your commercial and industrial cleaning needs, the ones who use updated technology and offer a free cleaning audit, and a free quote to boot. Cleancorp has covered all the bases in terms of office, retail, commercial, industrial and national cleaning.

Your certified and sustainable cleaning professionals are waiting for your call. Give yourself the opportunity to have one less thing on your plate. Take a look at our testimonials or go ahead and request your free quote to find out more about the Cleancorp difference.