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3 Super Simple Ideas To Create a Modern Office Design

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What makes for a modern office design?

Do you remember George from the hit show, “Seinfeld”… ??   (actually kind of hard to forget, because they’re ALWAYS playing re-runs on Foxtel..)

There was one great episode where unsatisfied employee George, has Jerry’s kitchen cupboard builder secretly build a bed under his desk at work – so he could take daily naps and ‘hide’ from his employers…..

Meanwhile, his quirky boss decides to look for him in his office and chooses to stay there, waiting for his return – leaving George stuck under the desk, unable to leave without revealing that he had been ‘taking a nap at work’ …

Whether you’re a fan of Seinfeld or not, a lot of us can relate to this scene, and all employers can take a lesson or two from it right…??  When we’re at work, we want to feel comfortable…

Not, like battery hens in cages…   There’s a lot to be said for creating modern office designs that reflect how we like to work in the 21st century.

What Is Modern Office Design?

Modern office designs are created to engage employees by appealing to their senses and empowering them to choose where and how within the workplace, they want to work. With the increase in remote working, many office employees no longer need to be physically present at their workplace to perform their tasks.

However, a key study by Harvard University, shows employees are most productive when they work together, in the same space.

So, what’s the compromise? A modern office filled with furniture that looks (and feels) like home.

modern office design
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Imagine the coffee shop around the corner, where people go to exchange ideas while sipping lattes and eating scones.   Now, add a few more MacBooks and a meeting room and you have the modern office of today.  It’s filled with comfy chairs and even sofas where creative teams can get together to brainstorm. It has bright colours, few walls and plenty of space to live, breathe and connect.

Here are 3 key benefits of modern office design:

  1. A More comfortable workplace encourages productivity.

It inspires collaboration and open dialogue.    Team members feel free to actively participate and discuss work-related topics without negative side effects. This creates open-communication and understanding between staff members. Employees are inspired to collaborate more often with various departments, sharing ideas, thoughts and knowledge.

The upside?

Your team communicate better, participate more and build stronger relationships at work because of it.

  1. A More comfortable workplace creates happier employees.

Yes, it’s true.  They feel VALIDATED by your It’s just human nature to feel happier when you feel connected with those around you. Thankfully times are changing from the old-fashioned offices with traditional workplace structures, where the managers stay separated from the staff they lead – usually behind closed doors. Meanwhile, their employees chisel away at their daily tasks with very little direct access to the people who can help them make real changes in how things are done.

The modern, home-like office, on the other hand, inspires growth and contribution. It removes the barriers between all parties and inspires a more flat style of leadership. Ideas can be heard, shared and discussed easily and without hesitation.

  1. Happy office worker3.  A More comfortable workplace  can feel like a perk or benefit.

Tell me what would cost more: buying a $3,000 couch and chairs set for your staff to share or paying for all 20 or more of your staff members to have an extra one-week paid vacation?

Of course, the answer is obvious. But the benefit isn’t. 

More and more companies are providing work “perks” that go against the traditional offerings.   Things like on-site massages, unblocked Wi-Fi, great coffee (or a barista to make it for you),  health care benefits, office gyms and creches – these things (and more) are used to woo new employees and keep existing staff happy,                                                                                              motivated and working hard.

Why is office décor seen as a perk? Is it really that easy? Yes, yes it is.  

Google are considered the world’s leaders in awesome working conditions.  They know that to attract the best talent (and keep them), workers in the 21st century want to work somewhere that offers them great surroundings, easy access to health services, childcare and fitness – and of course, access to great food choices.

They’ve also allowed way more common areas than they need – why?

To allow for random encounters with your coworkers – which helps foster not only closer relationships, but better teamwork and more creativity.

It’s that simple. 

And if you think about it – if we’re not comfortable at work, we’re uncomfortable.

Moral of the story?

You don’t need to provide a bed under the desk for your team, but look at ways you can improve THEIR workdays…

Remember, your team are the people who are speaking to your prospects and your customers, so if they’re miserable and disengaged – that’s kind of the energy they will be putting out into the world for your business – and you definitely don’t want that..

Save money, inspire your staff and see productivity rise when you switch to a modern office design..   Also, be sure to keep your new, modern space clean and tidy. Just like open space and communication inspires creativity, so does a fresh clean office space.

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