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Looking for commercial cleaners in Melbourne?  We take the hard work out of finding great cleaners for your site.

If you’re tired of your current cleaners who can’t seem to get the alarm set right, turn off the lights when they leave or clean your office properly at each service then you really need to talk to Cleancorp.

Cleancorp is Melbourne’s leading all services commercial and office cleaning firm who are proudly triple ISO Certified for Quality, Environmental Management, Safety, and (soon to be certified) for Corporate Social Responsibility.

So what do all those certifications actually mean for your business?

Consistent service delivery and outstanding results that you can rely on, with the added benefit of knowing that Cleancorp takes corporate social responsibility very seriously – our cleaning staff are our business – so it makes sense that we pay our team members on time, and we pay them properly…   That’s why we have a long list of professional cleaning staff wanting to work with us…

If you want cleaning services tailored to meet the needs of your business, let’s talk.  We offer business cleaning services right across Australia and New Zealand, to some of the best-known brands and businesses in the world.

Cleancorp Commercial and Office Cleaning operations include:

  • Full spectrum office cleaning 
    Complete office and commercial premises cleaning including a large range of client-selective options.
  • Security areas
    Comprehensive cleaning services in sensitive security areas like medical practices, management offices and similar areas.
  • Window cleaning
  • Hygiene services
  • Building surfaces cleaning
  • Washroom and toiletries

Complete Transparency

We use technology that allows cleaners (yes, your cleaners) to check in with GPS when they arrive at your site, check the task list they need to achieve for that visit, check off each task as they complete it, and then check out.  Oh, and we can also send messages to them, and they can report any problems back to us – all using our proprietary system.

The great news is that you can be 100% certain you’re getting what you’re paying for because your site cleaning is all being managed by our system.

We leverage technology to recognize, engage, and support our cleaners in the exceptional work they perform in caring for your business.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about Commercial and Office Cleaning in Melbourne, you can either call us on 1300 211 944 or just enter your details in the “Request Free Quote” box and we’ll get right on it. Our professional staff will be glad to provide all the information you need and answer any questions you may have about specific service matters or optional extra services.

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