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Cleaning Up Your Office or Strata Building After a Flood

Cleaning Up Your Office or Strata Building After a Flood

Cleaning Up Your Office or Strata Building After a Flood

Chances are if you’re reading this, either your office or your strata building has received flood damage caused by recent torrential rain & high winds.   If you’re responsible for cleaning up your office or strata building after a flood, you need to start immediately.

Here’s a checklist of what you should do now:

To avoid harmful mold growing, make sure you dry out any flooded areas within 48 hours.  This can be done by contacting a commercial cleaning company.   They will use a special wet/dry vacuum to remove the water, and then use industrial fans to dry the affected area out.   This is a very important step.  Opening the doors and hoping things will dry quickly, is not the correct way to handle office or strata building floods.

Correct cleaning will remove hazards like bacteria and viruses.  Drying properly will prevent problems like mold growing, which can cause severe allergies and respiratory problems for you and your staff.

Next step is to throw away any wet materials that can’t be cleaned or saved.  For insurance purposes, take photographs of any damaged property that must be thrown away.

Then proceed to dry the flooded areas thoroughly.

  • Areas that stay wet or damp for more than 48 hours can grow mold – so be careful..
  • Throw out anything that has been ruined by the water.
  • Run any bathroom and kitchen ventilation to keep the air moving and prevent the ‘damp smell’.
  • Once things are properly cleaned (disinfected) and dried they should be safe from bacteria and viruses.

Get help after a Flood

  • If there is a large amount of flood damage, you may want to hire a professional cleaning company to help you clean up properly the first time.   You should engage a company who have all the right equipment so that the down time at your office or strata building is minimized.   Rapid cleaning is essential to prevent moldy, wet odors.  Don’t wait and hope it will get better on it’s own (it won’t…it will just start to smell awful)…
  • And remember, if there is significant damage, you may need to contact the State Emergency Services for assistance.  Good luck, and stay dry!


Here at Cleancorp, we take the hard work out of hiring an office cleaning service because we use the “POV” principal – we look at things from your Point Of View, the Office Manager.  Everyday our Team Members work hard to ensure you don’t have any cleaning hassles when you come in of a morning – you just come in to a clean, fresh business space – guaranteed.
How do we make sure everything works?   Firstly, it’s our team of dedicated professional cleaners, and secondly, our internal processes and systems.  We’re triple ISO Certified to the International Standard in Quality: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 and; OH&S AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001…

Ready to make the switch to a better cleaning service?  Call us today 1300 211 944.