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End of Year Holiday Cleaning for the Office

Ode to Christmas Cleaning Services

Twas’ the week before December, and all through the work-place
Not a clean surface was visible, not a bin liner replaced
The monitors were dusty and in need of some care,
In hopes, that professional cleaning services were somewhere out there…

When outside the office, there was such a clatter
You sprang from your desk chair to see what was the matter
Away they went, cleaning like a flash
Cleaned the windows, streak free with their product stash

They wiped down the desks, then the screen, then the porch
You knew in a moment, they must be Cleancorp!

Now, deep cleaning! Now carpet cleaning!
Now window cleaning and sanitisation!
On, spring cleaning! On strip and seal!
On Christmas cleaning services perfection!


It truly is the most wonderful time of the year… and right now, you should be planning the end of year holiday cleaning for the office. 

Amongst all the Christmas cheer and happy holiday wishes, lurks the pre-christmas countdown, filled with more important things like:

  1. What Kris Kringle present should I buy Susan from Accounts?”
  2. “What do they really mean when they say ‘Cocktail Attire’ for the company Christmas Party?”

And those end of year deadlines are approaching faster than Santa’s sleigh…

The last thing you’re probably thinking about is organising Christmas cleaning services to attend to those perfectly wrapped up dust bunnies sitting under the company Christmas tree.

But no-one loves a dirty carpet under the mistletoe, or halls decked with bags of rubbish.

So, if you haven’t already, this is your sign to pop professional cleaning services onto your end-of-year Christmas wish list.  Remember last year when you thought about it, but never got around to it?

This is your reminder to book in now. 

The good news is we’ll manage your Christmas cleaning services for you, so you don’t have too.

After all, we have been in the cleaning business across Australia and NZ for almost as long as Santa has been around…

Tick cleaning services off your Christmas wish list, and rest assured, you can have silent nights over the Christmas break knowing your cleaning services will be looked after for you, not by you… evennnnn if your Christmas Party is at the office this year, your workplace will be a beautiful sight, that will give you delight, walkin’ back into the office in the new year.

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