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Top 5 Commercial Cleaning Problems and How To Fix Them

Often when someone is considering the purchase of commercial cleaning services for their business, they are confronted with a few important decisions regarding some potential issues and commercial cleaning problems that come with these services. This article will explain some of these issues as well as the corresponding solutions to commercial cleaning problems. Top 5 Commercial Cleaning Problems Poor communication Poor cleaning quality Cleaners not showing up to site Cleaners not finishing their tasks Your cleaning team keep making the same mistakes   Problem #1: Poor Communication “Communication Barriers” The main commercial cleaning problem here is that if you can’t communicate and be understood by your cleaning operative, it can be frustrating. Many businesses complain that their cleaning operatives don’t speak English very well, and the honest answer is that is true in many cases, leading to commercial cleaning problems. Often, your cleaning operative will be someone who is a student, working their way through their degree and improving their language skills in the process. But that doesn’t help you when you need to chat with them about commercial cleaning problems. To make matters worse, if you’re working with a commercial cleaning company that doesn’t have the technology to deal

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ChatGPT prompt that will actually plan your travel for you

  Do you like to travel but hate the planning part?  I have an amazing ChatGPT Travel Prompt that is going to change your travel planning life forever! Are you one of those adventurous souls who absolutely love to travel, but dread the hassle of planning? Spending hours on figuring out transportation, hotel bookings, and uncovering the best local attractions your destination has to offer? Let’s give your to-do list a fun-filled facelift with ChatGPT Travel Prompt! If you’re nodding your head to everything I’ve just said, you’ve found your perfect match! As a writer for Cleancorp, I’m familiar with researching and writing about national cleaning services.  But for something completely different, I’m going to share the secrets of planning a perfect travel itinerary. It turns out that trips and cleaning blogs have quite a bit in common 🤣. Think organization, attention to detail, and excellent communication – it all adds up to make your travel experience smooth sailing! How ChatGPT Travel Prompt Turned My Holiday Planning Hassle-Free Ah, the age-old dilemma of wanting to plan the perfect vacay, but getting bogged down by the time-consuming research and preparation. Fear not, this awesome little hack is at your service! While

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Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Your business can’t afford to ignore professional commercial cleaning services. But, let’s face it, the words “cleaning services” probably doesn’t conjure up excitement in your mind. Here’s the good news – We aren’t your average cleaning company, we’re Cleancorp. And we get it.  You probably didn’t wake up this morning thinking about this, but here you are and now you’re on the lookout for a new cleaning team. Don’t settle for less because the last thing you want to do is go from a team who’s not meeting your needs, to a team who’s letting you down. J Now, I know what you might be thinking, “Cleaning? That’s not a big deal.” But, maintaining a clean and healthy work environment is crucial to the well-being of your employees and the prosperity of your site.  Whether it’s a school, aged care facility or a national business across Australia. So, let’s dive into why your business can’t afford to ignore this vital service. The Importance of Commercial Cleaning First things first, keeping your workplace clean is crucial for your employees’ health and safety. An unclean work environment can lead to illnesses and injuries, reducing productivity and ultimately impacting your bottom line. Moreover,


Back to school cleaning tips for busy facility managers

Here we are again at the start of a new school year – always an exciting new chapter for students and teachers, however for facility managers, it can be a stressful time. During school term closures, it’s often the only time a school facility management team can schedule in vital works to maintain their school or university facilities. So with students and teachers returning, and class sessions starting up again, it’s essential that school facilities are clean and in good condition beforehand, for everyone’s safety. To help make sure your school building, university campus, college, or general educational facilities are ready for the upcoming year, here are some back-to-school cleaning tips for all you busy facility managers out there.. Make a List of Areas to Clean Ahead of Time When preparing for the start of the school year, it can be helpful to make lists of areas that need to be cleaned, and we recommend you do this with your cleaning service provider. The should include not only general areas like classrooms and hallways but also specific school cleaning tasks like carpet steam cleaning, washing the windows, stripping and sealing the hard floor areas, or machine scrubbing tiled or outdoor

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How to Pick the Ideal Cleaning Company for Your Aged Care Facility

Finding the perfect cleaning company to meet your aged care needs is essential to ensuring a clean and healthy environment in your facility. As an aged care manager, it’s your responsibility to not only provide excellent levels of care for your residents, but also maintain high standards of cleanliness for everyone’s safety. More than ever before, aged care cleaning services must be rigorous. Choosing the right cleaning company for cleaning aged care facilities can be difficult, but with careful consideration and research, you can find a cleaning service who can deliver the right cleaning solutions using modern cleaning equipment, tailored to both your financial requirements and desired level of hygiene. Cleaning aged care When selecting a cleaning company for your aged care facility, it’s important to consider their history of providing regular cleaning and high quality services to others in your industry, as well as their commitment to safety and professionalism. Find out if they offer flexible packages or specialized cleaning schedules or rates for different types of facilities so you can pick the package that best fits your budget. Additional aged care cleaning services It’s important to ensure that the chosen company will be able to provide an appropriate

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