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Getting back to the workplace in our “new normal” can feel worrisome.

If you haven’t taken appropriate steps to properly clean your space and protect staff, clients and visitors, someone could get very sick. You also open yourself up to the possibility of an outbreak, potential negative media attention and ruining your company’s reputation. At Cleancorp, we create refreshingly clean spaces that help businesses feel confident they are protecting their employees and keeping everyone safe during this pandemic.

As COVID-19 infection rates reduce, the combination of safety measures, flexibility and transparency, will ease the transition for employees starting to return to the workplace.

Back to Work Transition Plan

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As we navigate this “new normal”, it’s important to understand that businesses, have to become much more focused on their cleaning regime.

As the situation with this pandemic changes, your business needs to be prepared to respond accordingly, and part of this response is understanding that your employees and customers expect that you’ll make the cleaning at your site a top priority.   

Now more than ever before is time to be working with a commercial cleaning team who are experienced in not only commercial cleaning but, more importantly, has the experience and an impressive resume in providing pandemic cleaning services.

Because bringing your team back into the workplace is very much based on trust.  Can they trust that their workplace is safe?  Can they trust that the cleaning is being done correctly?   According to Safe Work Australia, “Workplaces should clean surfaces at least daily, and disinfect regularly”.   

Through a combined process of aggressive cleaning programs, social distancing, and high levels of hand hygiene, our 9-step Back to Work Transition Plan will walk you through, step-by-step what you need to be thinking about now, in order to manage these logistics and get your team back to the workplace safely and with confidence.

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