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Cleancorp Management Team

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Hamish Macqueen

Managing Director

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Lisa Macqueen

Director of Sales & Marketing

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Richard Juracich

National Operations Manager

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Jilean Gallagher

Finance Manager

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Michell Cudmore

Office Manager

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Hela Mejri

Customer Service Manager

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Nick Flanagan

Business Development Manager

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Team Leader

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Team Leader

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Team Leader

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Team Leader

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Team Leader

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Carlos Mazzocchi



Group of Cleancorp Executive Team Members photograph in a park

Hamish Macqueen started Cleancorp with one contract. He literally built the business from the ground up.

In those early days, he’d be out cleaning offices himself each night, and then taking care of the business during the day – quoting, invoicing, taxes, compliance – you name it, Hamish did it, and for a long time, he did it all on his own until his wife, Lisa Macqueen, joined him in the business to head up the Sales & Marketing department in 2007.

Today, they head up an impressive team of dedicated and motivated people who provide incredible service to our clients every day of the year.

Yet, even with the incredible success of Cleancorp…….Hamish doesn’t sit in an ivory tower.

He’s the face of Cleancorp – out there, speaking with clients every day, often out with Supervisors checking work at night. In other words,…..this business is personal.

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