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A Furry Problem

Dear Cleancorp,

My boss takes her Persian cat in the office every single day. Now, you know the pal’s been all over the place because there’s fur everywhere! On the floor, on our desks, on the carpet, even on the dining table! What’s the best thing to do aside from shaving her fur?

Truly yours,

EA In Distress

Dear EA,

Get a shaver! Just kidding.

I feel you, though. Having pets in the office gives us more reasons for an intensive and detailed cleaning. I mean, no one likes to sniff fur on their desks or sit on a furry sofa. No one likes to find their morning paper with cat poo either. What if clients walk in and see the office covered in fur? (This is getting scary).

Jokes aside, maintaining a clean, fresh, and safe office environment is a challenging task. Dust, dirt, and germs are persistent issues that require ongoing attention. Coupled with the additional mess from pets, the best solution is to hire a cleaning company to tackle these demanding tasks for you.

And since as you said, your boss’s furry pal is in the office every day, all the more that the office needs to be cleaned up thoroughly on a regular basis.

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