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8 Common Headaches at the Office (and how to get rid of them)

8 Common Headaches at Work (and how to get rid of them)

Today’s blog discusses the 8 common headaches at the office (and how to get rid of them).   Headaches are one of the most common health complaints at work. Knowing what kind of headache you’re suffering from is part of the solution to know how to treat and avoid them..

Cluster Headache

If you feel sore on one side of your head and your eyes look a bit red and bloodshot, that’s a cluster headache.  They cause severe pain and have been referred to as “suicidal” headaches.

When you drink too much alcohol, or you don’t eat well, it puts an excessive toxic load on your body.    Some people also react to substance like nitrates which are often found in foods like preserved meats and bacon.  Studies show that men are more prone to cluster headaches.   These headaches can be treated with a soluble aspirin, and rest.  Reducing your overall toxic load will also help greatly.

Migraine Headache

Migraine Headaches are the most incapacitating headaches.  They affect 3 times more women than men.   How do you know if you’re suffering from a migraine when you’re at the office?  The first sign is a spasm that happens in the wall of the meningeal artery. This spasm typically lasts a few minutes, then it’s followed by a paralysis of the wall of the artery.  This can last for days.  This paralysis leads to inflammation and swelling of the tissues which causes severe headaches.  To avoid migraines have a regular eating and sleeping schedule & regular exercise.  Stop drinking coffee and alcohol and try to avoid loud noises and bright lights.

Hormonal Headache

Hormones can definitely trigger headaches particularly around menstruation and ovulation.  The rapid change in hormone levels in the body, can trigger a migraine during this time.  Liquorice tea with one teaspoon of soaked chia seeds and slippery elm with a sprinkling of cinnamon before bed can be very helpful to help deal with the symptoms.

Tension Headache

The most common headache is a tension headache.   Emotional strain is frequently the reason, and will  causes a reaction within your body. Maybe you feel a little overwhelmed lately because you’re working hard, or perhaps things aren’t going too well at the office.  For example, perhaps your colleagues have been complaining to you about the cleaning.  If it falls under your responsibilities, now you need to find a new office cleaning company.  Things like this can cause you real tension and the result is a tension headache.  Grab a soluble aspirin dissolved in some chamomile tea and a bit of honey, or just change your office cleaning company to someone with an eye for detail.

Caffeine Headache

Stopped drinking coffee?  Headaches will hit you around day 4 because your body is now doing without coffee.  Yes, it triggers a real, physical reaction which often means a headache.  The solution?  Either have a coffee, or tough it out.   If you are trying to give up coffee or go on a detox,  the symptoms will subside quickly.  Drinking water is a great way to help the body flush and detox.

Ice Cream Headache

When you eat frozen foods or cold drinks fast, you’ll get a ‘brain freeze’.  These headaches come and go very fast, but they hurt!  Good news is are completely harmless and don’t last long.  To avoid these headaches, all you need to do is slow down when you’re eating or drinking cold or frozen foods and drinks…

Dental Headache

If you grind your teeth while you sleep, this can cause headaches because it creates problems with your jaw.  This will strain the muscles, cartilage and ligaments in your jaw which then radiates that strain – and that results in a headache.  If you have a really busy lifestyle, or you’re suffering from stress or grief, sometimes your body will react to that by teeth grinding.  To treat your headache a soluble aspirin will be the quickest remedy, however long term, meet with your Dentist to discuss your options, and take a look at what your stressors may be, and consider making some lifestyle changes.

Food Sensitivity Headache

If you love garlic in your food, or maybe ducking out to the local Chinese for lunch, your headaches could be because you’re actually sensitive to things like msg and preservatives.   Often the symptoms are a bad headache the next day, and feeling severely dehydrated and tired.  To prevent these headaches, avoid the stressors, and try to eat as ‘clean’ as you can.  Especially when you’re heading out to buy your lunch.  If you can’t avoid the odd Chinese meal, then ensure you drink a lot of water after the meal to flush your system.

8 Common Headaches at the Office (and how to get rid of them)

We’ve listed the 8 common headaches at the office (and how to get rid of them) in this blog, but there are a lot more.  What type of headaches do you experience..?  We’d love to hear how you avoid or treat your headaches..


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