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7 Awesome Work Christmas Party Ideas

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Desperate for Christmas party ideas?  I get it.  Organizing your work Christmas party can be tough.

You want to do something that is going to be enjoyable for staff of all ages, but you also need to stick within a budget.

And… it needs to go off without a hitch so that everyone is singing your praises in the days following.

Dinner and drinks are the standard ‘go to’ for a lot of companies, but why not change things up this year.  Get creative – hey, it’s the most important team gathering of the year right?

We have pulled together some awesome ideas with options for all budgets and team sizes to get your brain ticking!


Corporate Volunteering

christmas party ideas

Giving back to the community is on the minds of many, but finding the time to do it can be difficult.  It’s not often included in lists of Christmas party ideas, but it should be!  There are actually corporate volunteering opportunities in many regions, where your team can help out with a charity organization for a day.

Not only is this a wonderful team-bonding exercise, but everyone will have warm fuzzies afterward for putting their energy to a worthy cause!

Check out or Salvation Army in Australia or Corporate Challenge Events in NZ, for more information. Best of all, no cleaning services required!

Dress-up Barefoot Bowls

christmas party ideas

A barefoot bowls afternoon at your local bowling green is so much fun and gets everyone involved from the interns through to the older team members.  Choose a theme for the afternoon – the funnier the better – and make sure everyone comes dressed up. A sit-down lunch or canapés can be provided in the club rooms, and the beer and wine should be flowing while teams compete for the win!  Definitely a perfect Christmas party idea…

Host a Themed Office Party


Searching for Christmas party ideas with a low budget?   What about using your office as the venue?

You may have an awesome rooftop terrace or garden area which could be decorated in a fun theme, and you can bring in caterers to take care of the food. Not only is this a great budget option, you will save everyone the bother of moving to another place – and no outsiders will be there to judge you if things get slightly messy!

There are various entertainment options that you can include to keep everyone involved such as a pub quiz, a talent quest, or a company awards session, and your business cleaning company can be there early in the morning to clean up!

Progressive Dinner

christmas party ideas

A normal sit-down dinner can sometimes get a bit boring. Everyone is stuck sitting in the same place next to the same people, and there isn’t much interaction.

If you’ve polled your team for Christmas party ideas and they’ve all suggested different restaurants, here’s a great idea for you:

A progressive dinner .  You have each course of a meal at different restaurants. The entrée will be at one, the main course at a second, and desert at a third – this solves the problem of everyone being stuck in the same seat since there is more chance to mingle and sit next to different people.

You can choose restaurants that are in walking distance from each other, or for something a bit different, hire a party bus to drive you around the city – just make sure it’s stocked with beer and wine for the journey!

Rent a House for a Weekend Retreat

christmas party ideas

This is a great idea for smaller companiesImagine this.  A weekend retreat at a rented villa.  You could add some great team building fun (or massages, swimming, and sun!).  Or you could kill two birds with one stone and blend in some planning sessions for the next year.   Catering can be easily organized, and you can give us a call should you need some carpet cleaning!

Family Sports Day & BBQ

christmas party ideas

Looking for active Christmas party ideas?  If your company or team have a lot of families, why not let them in on the action too?

A family sports day at your local park can be a lot of fun and won’t break the bank.  Perhaps the boss might even consider offering up his house for the occasion?

Organize your own Mini Olympics, set up games of bubble soccer, or even a fun scavenger hunt.   A BBQ is a great equalizer (get the boss working on the grill).  Oh, and don’t forget to organise an icebox packed with drinks to quench everyone’s thirst.

Murder Mystery Evening

christmas party ideas

The concept has been around for years, but it never gets old! This is one event that can be held at your office (with your cleaning company on call for afterwards), or you can hire an appropriate space nearby.

Murder Mystery nights are a chance for everyone to dress up, figure out the clues and ‘whodunnit’. You may find there are some budding actors amongst your team!  Or, what about an “Escape Room”.  Lots of  team work required to get out of there!!

Which Idea Appeals to You?

As you can see there are so many different Christmas Party ideas!  Not just the standard dinner and drinks at the local pub. If you do decide to use your office or someone’s home as the venue, don’t forget to contact us to get everything spick and span again after all the madness is over!