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5 Things Successful People Do on a Monday Morning

5 Things Successful People Do on a Monday Morning

What are the 5 things successful people do on a Monday morning to set them up for success..?  How’s your Monday morning routine going so far today?  Did you arrive at the office a little late after struggling through traffic, then find you had an avalanche of emails to read and action.  Or maybe the boss has asked for a meeting, and you’re colleagues want meetings today too?

Hmmm… Monday mornings can be like that when you work in an office.  Everyone wants a piece of you, and clearly, there’s not enough to go around.

So what are the 5 things successful people do on a Monday morning to set them up for success..?

They get out of bed earlier

I know, it’s a tough ask when its winter and it’s dark outside, but successful people plan their success, and getting out of bed a little earlier, is a big part of that plan.   Plus, getting up earlier =  more free time so you can go for a run, or hit the gym….  Which means you’ll have more energy, and be better equipped to face the day..

They don’t skip breakfast

It can be hard facing breakfast early in the morning, but research shows this really is the most important meal of the day.  If you’re up earlier, you have time to have breakfast and save money.    Why?  Because you won’t be tempted by a mid-morning calorie-laden snack)…

You’ll feel better fuelled and way more alert after you’ve had a good breakfast… and if you’re in a rush, a grab-and-go breakfast is better than no breakfast at all!

They have a plan for the week

If you have goals, the best way to achieve them is to have a plan.  Planning for your own success is one of the 5 most important things successful people do each week.  They consciously make time, to put the steps in place to achieve their goals.   The good news is, this is a really simple thing to put into your schedule.

Each Friday afternoon, plan to finish off all (or as many as you can) of your emails… For example, if you’re the office manager, and you handle the office cleaning, perhaps you need to schedule in some carpet cleaning.   Schedule this task for a Friday, and you’ll have fresh clean carpets for Monday…!

Look at all the projects you are working on, and schedule time to work on them the following week – the great thing about doing this, is that it actually gives you some extra time to think about the projects you’re working on, and often by the time you’re ready to begin working on them, you may handle them differently..

They attend to the small things first

When you have a ‘to-do’ list to work off, start with the small things first.  It’s amazing how rewarding it feels to tick jobs off your list.  So respond to emails that need a quick reply, empty your spam folder, go through your junk folder to make sure you haven’t missed any important emails, organise your emails into different folders, or just get your filing done, and you’ll be well on your way to be more focused on the bigger tasks for the rest of the day.

They remember there is always Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday…

That’s right.  Although Monday is usually chaotic with unscheduled appointments, handling anything that’s come up over the weekend (were you happy with the carpet cleaning?), catching up with colleagues after the weekend, and everything else that’s happening in between, remember, there’s only so much one person can do.  It’s ok, to say ‘no’ or make arrangements to meet on another day…

Successful people know that it’s all of the above plus defining what your priorities are, setting your schedule, getting the ‘tough tasks’ done first… (eat that frog..), giving yourself realistic deadlines, and minimising distractions.  Master these and you’ll be set up for kicking some amazing goals… good luck!


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