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10 Hottest Office Supplies and Gadgets


If your office is a looking a little ‘beige’ and boring, why not get creative and add some hot new gadgets and office supplies to brighten up your desk and your workspace.

Here’s our Top 10 List

1. A mini USB vacuum cleaner

Ok, so we had to put this one at the top of the list – particularly because we are a commercial office cleaning company after all…  This little gadget makes it easy to pick up those pesky crumbs that fall between the keys on your keyboard… Double Bonus points if the vacuum actually looks like the real thing.


2. An otter tape dispenser

This is just so cute, and would suit any desk… If you’re rushing around trying to get something finished, Just look at this little critter….

Otter Tape Dispenser3. Healthy Snacks

Research indicates that 67% of employees with access to complimentary food report being “very” or “extremely” happy with their current role. Thus, healthy snacks certainly make our list…

There are some great options available, if you love fresh juicy fruit delivered, then Fruit At Work should be your go-to site… Their fruit is just so good…Fruit At Work

To balance this out, we all need to have a sugar fix too… How about Cupcakes delivered to your office…by, Cupcakes DeliveredCupcakes Delivered

And, it would almost be rude to have cupcakes and not enjoy a coffee to go with it… we love the who else, but Nespresso for that! Nespresso Coffee

4. Pens that nobody will steal

These pens by Vat19 promote some hilariously named businesses, and we’re betting that no-one will want to steal them off your desk with these things written on them!


5. Motivational posters

Check out Papier D’Amour’s beautiful framed foil print affirmations (we love these…) they also have lots of other awesomely beautiful things, or for something funny, take a look at Brit & Co’s posters for motivation…

Papier D'amour

6. A posture monitor

Now this is a fantastic idea…  If you find you’re often slouching over at your desk (as I am right now writing this post…), or you have a tired back at the end of the day – you will love this awesome little gadget called the Lumo Lift.

Lumo LiftUsing a small sensor, every time you slouch in your chair, the sensor will gently vibrate to remind you to straighten up.  How cool is that, and practical too…

7. Personalised anything

Had to mention one of our favourite online stores at the moment, The Daily Edited love, love, love, every single thing on their site…… their range of personalised notebooks, ipad cases, handbags, makeup purses…if you can name it, you can personalise it on TDE.com.  What’s a more unique office supply that a personalised notepad for each person…

the daily edited

8.  Emergency Nap Kit

Probably not something you want to make a habit of using at work, however, we love the idea the emergency nap kit, may just create your little home away from home at the office… think George Costanza from Seinfeld..  Just make sure you don’t get caught!


9. Computer sitters

These guys keep you company all day long. And if you ask your office cleaners, they will probably keep these little guys dusted for you… They’re not toys – they’re there to help you be more productive… !computer sitter

10.  High Tech Commercial Office Cleaners

Yes, I know that’s technically not a ‘thing’, but with all the cool things we’ve listed here that you can add to your office, wouldn’t it be a shame if you still had to put up with a commercial office cleaning company whose cleaners didn’t show up, supplies kept running out, or inconsistent cleaning?

That’s why Cleancorp is so different from every other office cleaning company in Australia …(and why we made this list!)  We use technology that allows cleaners to check in and out of sites with GPS, we send messages and report problems in real time, and clients love that our service is so transparent… you know exactly how long we’re at your site, and you know exactly what we do while we’re there, because every single task gets ‘ticked’ off as it’s completed… finally, a cleaning company who gets ‘it’… 

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